WA Military Dept. Bid Opportunities

The Washington Military Department wants to make every effort possible to make sure you have the utmost possibility to bid on our contracts. Please see our current advertised projects below and sign up for notices, as well. Click on the hyperlink for details on each individual project.

Current Advertised Projects

Project No.Project Description
Bid Location
Bid Date
Estimated Cost
Bid Results
2020-602Washington Youth Academy Modular Classroom Replacement
Building #36 Quartermaster Road
Camp Murray, WA 98430-5052

$375,000- $400,000
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Integrated Cultural Resource Management Plan (Master Contract 05014 – Tier 2)

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RFP20-007RFP for OTT, CTV, & Geo Fencing AdvertisingSubmit Proposals via email
5/18/2020$60,000Add 1

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