The Washington Military Department, Emergency Management Division (EMD) provides logistical support to Washington state, county and municipal emergency management agencies during emergencies.

Logistics support in the state Emergency Operations Center functions as a single point of contact to assist local jurisdictions and state agencies in locating resources in an emergency. This function involves the evaluation, location, procurement, distribution, and coordination of resource support. Actions may include coordinating emergency relief supplies, facilities, equipment, telecommunications, contracting, transportation services, maintenance, and personnel required to support immediate response activities. Support is also provided for federal and state surplus items, as well as donated goods.

State logistical support to local jurisdictions is supplemental in nature. Local jurisdictions must make good faith efforts to locate needed resources throughout their local and surrounding areas, using both local government and private sector sources, prior to contacting the state and requesting resources.

Logistics Training Resources

SEOC SOP LOG (PDF) This file provides instructions, job aids, and checklists specific to Logistics Section duties in the State Emergency Operations Center in support of exercises and activations.

Community Points of Distribution 2016 Curriculum (PDF)

Community Points of Distribution Lessons (PDF)

Statewide Resource Request Process & Mutual Aid

Statewide Resource Request Process Training and Form

STATEWIDE Resource Request Process (PDF)

WA Resource Request Form (ICS 213 RR) (PDF) This fillable PDF is available for jurisdictions to download, save data within the PDF, save to a local computer and email to the state at rfa@mil.wa.gov for support. It is encouraged this form be used at all levels of government for resource requests within Washington state.

Mutual Aid

Washington Intrastate Mutual Aid System (WAMAS)

Washington Intrastate Mutual Aid System is enabling legislation allowing Member Jurisdictions throughout Washington State to efficiently and effectively share resources during disasters or emergencies, as well as anticipated drills or exercises. WAMAS is formalized into law (RCW 38.56) for jurisdictions below the state-level and requires two member signatories to utilize. The WAMAS members are from every county, city and town of the state (does not include special purpose districts or state agencies). Federally recognized Indian Tribes located within the boundaries of the state may become a member upon receipt by the Washington State Military Department of a tribal government resolution declaring its intention to be a member of WAMAS.

Emergency Management Assistance Compact

Updated 10/25/2023

Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) provides interstate mutual aid. EMAC is a national governor’s interstate mutual aid compact that facilitates the sharing of resources, personnel and equipment across state lines during times of disaster and emergency.  EMAC is formalized into law (RCW 38.10.010) and requires a Governor’s Proclamation before use. The members of EMAC include all 50 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and the District of Columbia.

Please use the 2022 EMAC Mission Estimate form (Excel) to create initial estimates during the pre-deployment phase.

Complete EMAC reimbursements and email to EMAC@mil.wa.gov for processing:

More information

Pacific Northwest Emergency Management Arrangement (PNEMA)

Pacific Northwest Emergency Management Arrangement (PNEMA)  provides international mutual aid. PNEMA is an inter-jurisdictional agreement that enables entities to provide mutual assistance and the sharing of resources during times of need and for cooperative activities to improve civil preparedness and response across jurisdictional boundaries. PNEMA is governed by Public Law 105-381, 105th Congress and does not require a Governor’s Proclamation before use. The members of PNEMA include the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and the Province of British Columbia and the Yukon Territory.

If a jurisdiction owns a resource (equipment or personnel) which could be considered for deployment under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC), an Intergovernmental/Interlocal Agreement (IGA) needs to be executed between the Washington Military Department (MIL) and the jurisdiction to establish terms and conditions and eligibility for allowable expenditure reimbursement.

If assistance is requested of Washington State and a jurisdiction has the requested resource available, the IGA will be amended with the deployment specific resources and estimated costs. Once the costs are accepted by the Requesting State and the amendment fully executed, a Mission Order will be issued to the offering jurisdiction and deployment will be authorized.

Logistics Communications Unit

Learn more about the Logistics Communications Unit and how it supports disaster-related operations with Washington State Emergency Management.

For additional information, please contact any member of the Logistics Team:

Mark Douglas, EMD Logistics Program Supervisor – (253) 666-2757 or email mark.douglas@mil.wa.gov

Suaidi Sudirjo, Logistics Coordinator - (253) 208-6507 or Suaidi.sudirjo@mil.wa.gov