Enhanced 911 (E911) Training

Telecommunicator Training Program

The telecommunicator training program is coordinated under the collaboration of the State Enhanced 911 Coordination Office (SECO), the 911 Advisory Committee (AC) Training Subcommittee, and Washington Emergency Management Division Training Unit. Curriculum and processes have been developed and we have resumed delivery of our core courses starting in December 2019. We will continue to expand and offer additional training opportunities into the future.

Our curriculums meet current APCO minimum training standards. In addition to receiving a certificate upon completion, our classroom facilitated courses allow telecommunicators the opportunity to enhance their own agency specify training by expanding their network of resources beyond their own PSAP. Collaboration provides new insights and approaches to some of the shared and the unique challenges telecommunicators face. Participants share knowledge which strengthens connections within the 911 community and in turn increases the effectiveness of our public safety entities and teams.

Courses include Telecommunicator 1 (Basic Call Taker) & Telecommunicator 2 (Basic Dispatcher), Communications Training Officer (CTO), Public Safety Communication Center Supervisor (PSCCS), Telecommunicator Emergency Response Team (TERT) Member and TERT Leader.

Agencies can locate courses and register participants through the link to the In-State Training Calendar under Training & Exercise – State Training Calendar at: https://mil.wa.gov/training-and-exercise


Coordinator Forums & Washington State Conference

The SECO has partnered with the Washington Chapter of APCO/NENA to enhance training topics. The Spring and Summer forums provide specific training to the Public Education and Training Coordinators and the County Coordinators with an opportunity to network with their peers, to gain first-hand working knowledge of the 911 systems, to meet individually with state staff to become informed of changes in policies, laws and regulations, as well as, meet their contractual requirements to receive financial support. The forums are typically conducted over a day and one-half period.

The Washington State Conference is a three-day conference with a variety of classes being offered for Call Receivers, MSAG, GIS, IT and County Coordinators. During this conference is the swearing in of the new Chapter officers for both APCO and NENA, as well as, an Awards Banquet to celebrate a number of Awards including ‘Telecommunicator of the Year’.

All 911 County coordinators with state contracts are mandated to attend with expenses reimbursed. Further details on reimbursements can be found in the SECO County Contract Policy or by contacting state office staff.

CTO Workshops

Beginning in 2020, the SECO in conjunction with the 911 Advisory Committee Training Subcommittee will begin to host Communication Training Officers (CTO) Workshops throughout the state. The workshops will afford our CTOs the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills in a variety of areas, including resilience training, stress management, learning/training styles, and much more.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Training for Call Takers

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Training for Call Takers has been designed in alignment with the APCO/NENA ANS 3.105-1-2015 Communication Center standard. This in-depth course provides 911 call takers, dispatchers and emergency responders a well-rounded knowledge of the telecommunications technologies, populations and communication methods and strategies that support the best possible outcome in every call involving a person who is deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened, deaf-blind or speech disabled. See the latest schedule here.