911 Training

Telecommunicator Training Program

Washington State’s 911 System and 911 services are a vital part of our state’s emergency response and disaster preparedness system. Highly trained 911 personnel are vital to an effective public safety response.

The 911 Telecommunicator Training Program offers essential training to the very first of the first responders – public safety telecommunicators who are employed in 911 emergency call centers. The training program is managed by the State Enhanced 911 Coordination Office (SECO) in collaboration with the 911 Advisory Committee (AC) Training Subcommittee.

Our training courses meet current industry training standards and are designed to augment and enhance existing PSAP agency specific training programs. We embrace technology by offering online, hybrid and in-person classes. Our state certified instructors are highly trained 911 professionals and our classes allow participants to work with the instructors and each other to share knowledge, insights and approaches to both similar and unique challenges encountered in the PSAPs.

Our basic telecommunicator and continuing education courses provide up-to-date information in effective crisis communications, Next Generation 911 and location technologies, call processing and dispatching procedures, stress management, overcoming communication barriers and other essential knowledge and skills necessary to meet the demands of this critical work. We offer advanced training and professional development courses to ECC Supervisors and CTO’s, with focus on the knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively build and lead successful teams.

The Washington Chapter of APCO/NENA offers additional training opportunities through two-day spring and summer forums and workshops for Public Education, Training Coordinators and the County Coordinators. Our Washington State Conference spans three-days with a variety of classes offered for telecommunicators and other 911 professionals. For additional information, please see the Washington APCO/NENA webpage.