Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 

Title 38 – Militia and Military Affairs; Chapter 52 – Emergency Management

38.52.010       Emergency Management Definitions.
38.52.020       EMD declaration of policy and purpose.
38.52.030 (7)  Director responsible for state 9-1-1 emergency communications network. 
38.52.500        Statewide 911 is mandated.
38.52.501        Statewide 911 service - findings
38.52.505        Statewide 911 service – Automatic Location Identification (ALI) Rules
38.52.510     Counties must use $.70 tax for 911.  State 911 Office assists and facilitates 911.
38.52.520     State 911 Coordination Office established to coordinate and facilitate 911, seek advice from 911 Advisory Committee and recommend tax level to WUTC.
38.52.525     State 911 Office may produce public education materials relating to PBX equipment ability to pass ANI/ALI.
38.52.530     911 Advisory Committee (as amended by 2010 1st sp.s.c 7 & 19)
38.52.532     911 Advisory Committee – Annual legislative update
38.52.535     State 911 Office and 911 Advisory Committee may participate nationally to set standards for PBX to pass ANI/ALI.
38.52.540     Separate state treasury account for $.25 tax (911 Account).  Authority to establish WAC rules for expending monies.
38.52.545     Priorities for 911 funding.
38.52.550     Telecommunications company immunity from civil liability.
38.52.561     911 calls from radio communications service companies – technical and operation standards.
38.52.575     Exemption from public inspection and copying – ANI/ALI database emergency communication system.
38.52.577     Exemption from public inspection and copying - /ANI/ALI database or voluntary submitted for inclusion in the emergency notification system.

Title 82 – Excise Taxes; Chapter 14B – Counties – Tax on telephone access line use

82.14B.010 Establishment of 9-1-1 excise tax.
82.14B.020 Definitions for “Emergency services communications system”, “9-1-1 telephone system”, “Switched access line”, “Local exchange company”, “Radio access line”, “Radio communications service company” and “Private telecommunications system."
82.14B.030 County 911 excise tax on use of switched access lines and radio access lines authorized
82.14B.040 Collection of 9-1-1 tax.
82.14B.042 Penalties for local exchange carriers failing to collect state 911 excise tax.
82.14B.050 County 911 tax can only be used for emergency services communication systems.
82.14B.060 County must pass explicit ordinance including remittance of tax to be 75 days after collection month. 
82.14B.061     Department of Revenue to enforce and administer the state 911 excise tax.
82.14B.063     Department of Revenue to create and administer the stare 911 tax.
82.14B.065     Excise tax distribution to maximum allowable
82.14B.150     Filing tax returns – credit or refund


Title 9A – Washington Criminal Code; Chapter 76 - Obstructing Governmental Operations

9A.76.020       obstructing a law enforcement officer
9A.76.175       making a false or misleading statement to a public servant.

Title 9 – Crimes and Punishment; Chapter 73 – Privacy, Violating Right of

9.73.030          Consent required for intercepting, recording, or divulging private communication.
9.73.040          Grounds for issuing court order permitting interception of private communication.
9.73.050          Admissibility of intercepted communication in evidence.
9.73.070          Persons and activities excepted from chapter.
9.73.080          Penalty for violating privacy laws.
9.73.090          Emergency response personnel exempted from violation of privacy laws.
9.73.100          Recordings available to defense counsel.

Title 28A – Common School Provisions; Chapter 335 – School Districts’ Property

28A.335.320   911 service -- Common and public school service required.

Title 35 – Cities and Towns; Chapter 21 – Miscellaneous Provisions

35.21.895        Regulation of automatic number or location identification - Prohibited.

Title 35A – Optional Municipal; Chapter 21 – Provisions affecting all code cities

35A.21.275     Regulation of automatic number or location identification - Prohibited.

Title 36 – Counties; Chapter 32 – County Commissioners

36.32.475        Regulation of automatic number or location identification - Prohibited.

Title 40 – Public Documents, Records, and Publications; Chapters

40.04               Public documents.
40.06               State publications distribution center.
40.07               Management and control of state publications.
40.10               Microfilming of records to provide continuity of civil government.
40.14               Preservation and destruction of public records.
40.16               Penal provisions.
40.20               Reproduced records for governments and businesses.
40.24               Address confidentiality for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking

Title 41 – Public Employment, Civil Service and Pensions; Chapter 14 – Civil Service for Sheriff’s Office

41.14.070(3)    Classified and unclassified service. In counties with a sheriff's department that operates the 911 emergency communications system, in addition to the unclassified positions authorized in subsections (1), (2), and (4) of this section, the sheriff may designate one unclassified position for the 911 emergency communications system.

Title 42 – Public Officers and Agencies; Chapter 56 – Public records act

42.56.240(2)    Investigative, law enforcement, and crime victims.

Title 58 – Boundaries and Plats; Chapter 17 – Plats-Subdivisions-Dedications

58.17.280        Naming and numbering of short subdivisions, subdivisions, streets, lots and blocks.

Title 70 – Public Health and Safety; Chapter 85 – Emergency Party Line Telephone Calls – Limiting telephone communication in hostage situations

70.85.020        Penalty for refusal to yield use of party line during an emergency.
70.85.030        Penalty for requesting use of party line on pretext of an emergency.
70.85.100        Authority to isolate telephones in a barricade or hostage situation.

Title 80 – Public Utilities; Chapter(s) 04 – Regulations & 36 – Telecommunications

80.04.010        Definitions.
80.36.555        911 service – Residential service required.
80.36.560        911 service – Business service required.
80.36.610        Universal service program – Authority of Commission duties – Rules & Fees
80.36.620        Universal service program – Rules
80.36.630        State Universal communications services program - definitions

Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 

Title 118 - Military Department (Emergency Management); Chapter 66 – 9-1-1 Funding

118-66-010       Authority - this chapter is promulgated pursuant to the authority granted in RCW 38.52.540 and 38.52.545.
118-66-020       Purpose and Priorities - establishes rules for expending 911 funds.
118-66-030       Definitions
118-66-040      County eligibility for funding.
118-66-042      Radio communications service company (RCSC – wireless vendor) eligibility for wireless funding.
118-66-045      Washington State Patrol (WSP) eligibility for wireless funding.
118-66-050      State Eligible expenses.
118-66-060      County Eligible expenses.
118-66-081      Funding applications.
118-66-085      Reporting requirements for radio communications service companies (RCSCs).
118-66-090     Other rules.


Title 246 – Health, Department of; Chapter 260 – Water recreation facilities

246.260.041(11)          Telephone within the facility.
246.260.051(5)            Telephone within the facility.
246.260.061                Special design and construction provisions for hotel and motels serving fewer than fifteen living units and for spas in individual hotel/motel rooms.

Title 480 – Utilities and Transportation Commission; Chapter 120 – Telephone Companies 480-120-172(6)  Medical emergencies.

480-120-253                Automatic dialing-announcing device (ADAD).
480-120-257                Emergency services.
480-120-263(3)(b)       Access – Pay Phone no charge.
480-120-263(5)(c)       Operation and functionality.
480-120-401(3)           Network performance standards – interoffice facilities.
480-120-412                Major outages.
480-120-414                Emergency operation.
480-120-450                911 (911) obligations of local exchange companies.
480-120-451                Local exchange carrier contact number for use by the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs)
480-120-452                Reverse search by 9-1-1 (911) public safety answering points (PSAPs). – When permitted.

State 911 Coordination Office (SECO) Policies