Camp Murray Gate Access Information

Camp Murray is a controlled access installation. Vehicles with an adult (18 or older), possessing a registered, Real ID Act compliant ID, may enter Camp Murray through the Main Gate. The Main Gate is the designated access point for all employees (Washington Military Department and National Guard) and visitors to Camp Murray, to include those visiting recreational facilities.

Vehicles without an adult, authorized ID cardholder (18 or older), must report to the Visitor Control Center located adjacent to the Main Gate to receive a temporary visitor pass. To do this, you must have a valid driver's license, vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and have an authorized installation sponsor (Washington Military Department or National Guard Employee) willing to sponsor your installation access. Sponsors must be available by phone to complete the pass issuance process.

Commercial vehicles visiting the installation will enter through the Camp Murray Commercial Inspection Gate (off Berkeley Ave SW and Union Ave SW).

You can access our Camp Murray access unified policy here (PDF)

a map shows camp murray and the entrances

Download our full Map here. (PDF)

Main Gate24/7I-5 Exit 122 to Tillicum; off Portland Ave SW and Boundary St
Commercial Inspection Gate0600 to 1530 / Tue-FriI-5 Exit 122 to Tillicum; off Berkeley Ave SW and Union Ave SW
Main Gate Visitor Control Center0600 to 1400 / 7 days a weekAdjacent to Main Gate
Camp Murray-JBLM South Gate0500 to 1900 / 7 days a week41st Division Way and NCO Beach Rd.

The Camp Murray Main Gate.

A photo of a Camp Murray gate.

The Camp Murray Commercial Inspection Gate.


Camp Murray is in compliance with the REAL ID Act of 2005. This means visitors presenting drivers licenses and identification cards stating “Not Valid for Federal Purposes" or "Federal Limits May Apply” will need to provide supplemental documentation to prove identity in order to be issued a temporary installation pass. The Department of Homeland Security ( offers a list of acceptable identification options by state and territory. If a visitor requesting access does not have REAL ID Act compliant form of identification and cannot provide supplemental identity proofing documents, they must be escorted at all times while on the installation. All persons requesting unescorted access will continue to be vetted through the National Crime Information Center prior to being issued a visitor pass.

Employees and Visitors

Camp Murray uses the Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) for entry to the installation. Use the DBIDS Pre-Enrollment Application before visiting the Camp Murray Visitor Control Center, located adjacent to the Main Gate, to register.

If you do not have an ID card listed on the Department of Defense issued ID cards website, you must stop by the Visitor Control Center on Camp Murray to receive a temporary visitor pass.

At the Visitor Control Center, military law enforcement personnel will verify that the vehicle driver has a valid driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance and that all passengers, 16 and over, have either a driver's license or other form of photo ID. An adult, authorized installation sponsor (18 or older), willing to sponsor your installation access, must be available by phone to complete the pass issuance process. Following a routine background check, visitors will receive a temporary visitor pass and instructions allowing them to enter the installation.

Pre-vetting and Expedited Entry

Pre-vetted Passes for Visitors

Passes for installation events or visits to Camp Murray recreational facilities may be issued up to 14 days before the event or visit. Pre-vetted passes give personnel the opportunity to visit the Visitor Control Center during off-peak customer times.

Please use the DBIDS Pre-Enrollment Application to expedite entry into Camp Murray, which can be accessed from any computer or cell phone with an internet connection. To pre-enroll, you will need the following:

  • Personal Information
  • Social Security Number
  • Sponsor Information (Name, Phone Number, and Email Address)
  • Date of Your Visit
  • Driver’s License or Photo ID

Detailed information and a step-by-step walkthrough for pre-enrollment can be found HERE (PDF).

Once you have completed the DBIDS pre-enrollment and have received your QR code, provide this information to your sponsor. Your sponsor will then email a PDF print of the page containing your QR code and a copy of your photo ID to with the Subject line of “Expedited Entry - DATE OF VISIT."

If you are approved for entry, a copy of your pass will be emailed to your sponsor for you to print and use to enter the installation. If you are unable to print your pass, or lose it prior to your visit, physical copies can be provided at the Visitor Control Center upon your arrival to the installation.

For large events on Camp Murray where more than 10 visitors are expected, installation Sponsors may submit an Approved Visitor List Request Form (PDF) up to 14 days, but no less than 5 business days, prior to the event to expedite screening and access to the installation. Approved Visitor List Request Forms will be emailed to the VCC email address

Contractors, Vendors and Delivery Drivers

All contractors and vendors requiring installation access to Camp Murray will need to complete the DBIDS Pre-Enrollment Application. Follow the guidance found in the "pre-vetting and expedited entry" category above. Individuals who need routine access to Camp Murray may be issued by the Visitor Control Center a temporary installation pass, or DBIDS card, for future expedited installation access.

Foreign Nationals

All foreign national visitors are required to process at the Visitor Control Center for security vetting and to obtain a pass. Foreign visitors must show current passport showing valid entry stamp prior to receiving a temporary pass.

Submitting Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

The Visitor Control Center requires certain PII in order to conduct security background checks. Generally, this information is obtained when you come to the Visitor Control Center. On occasion, pre-vetting is necessary for special events or other exceptions. To secure your PII, the VCC email address is a controlled-access account and is only accessible by Installation Defense Force personnel with valid need for access.

Visitor Control Center Contact Information

Camp Murray Visitor Control Center Contact Information:
(253) 512-2045