WA state 911 Program

The 911 Unit of Emergency Management Division works to ensure the seamless operation of the statewide 911 communications system. Ensuring uniform, prompt and efficient access to public safety services for the citizens and visitors to the state of Washington.

Washington has 78 Public Safety Answering Points (911 centers) that cover all 39 counties within the State. Each Primary Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) is connected to the statewide network, which delivers location information of the 911 caller as well as other data needed.

The 911 unit assists PSAPs with the challenges faced with the participation in the statewide 911 system. and is funded through a voter referendum state 911 excise tax. Additionally, the 911 unit continues to evolve the 911 network to accommodate the advances in communication technologies such as wireless, VoIP-based communications and the myriad of upcoming non-traditional technologies.

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