Fire Management Assistance Grant Program (FMAGP) for Public Agencies

The federally funded Fire Management Assistance Grant Program (FMAGP) provides financial assistance to state, local, and federally recognized tribal governments for the mitigation, management, and control of fires on publicly or privately owned forests or grasslands. A federal fire management assistance declaration may be requested and issued for an uncontrolled fire when a threat of a major disaster exists.

The Fire Management Assistance declaration process is initiated when a State submits a request for assistance to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Regional Director at the time a "threat of major disaster" exists. The entire process is accomplished on an expedited basis and a FEMA decision is rendered in a matter of hours.

The Fire Management Assistance Grant Program (FMAGP) provides a 75 percent Federal cost share and the Applicant pays the remaining 25 percent for actual costs.

Before a grant can be awarded, a State must demonstrate that total eligible costs for the declared fire meet or exceed either the individual fire cost threshold - which is applies to single fires, or the cumulative fire cost threshold, which recognizes numerous smaller fires burning throughout a State.

Eligible firefighting costs may include expenses for field camps; equipment use, repair and replacement; tools, materials and supplies; and mobilization and demobilization activities.

Eligible emergency protective measures may include staff overtime and equipment time for providing evacuation notices, barricading roads, water pumping, and emergency operations center costs.

Eligible applicants to participate as subrecipients for the FMAG program may include state agencies, county and local emergency management, law enforcement and public works offices, and special purpose districts such as fire districts and publicly owned utility companies.

FMAG Applicant Manual 2020 (PDF)

2020 FMAG Presentation (PowerPoint) 

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