Alert & Notification Warnings

The Emergency Alert System (EAS) is the primary means for providing the public with critical alert information about an emergency or disaster. Under EAS requirements, radio, TV and cable TV stations must participate at the National level or specifically request a waiver from the FCC. Further, they are encouraged to voluntarily participate in state and local EAS plans and the following opt-in services:

Tsunami Alerts

The U.S. National Tsunami Warning Center issues tsunami information for the continental U.S. and Canada. They have a Twitter account where they post official notices at You can follow their account on Twitter. To receive notifications when a tweet from @NWS_NTWC is sent, you must choose to be notified within the Twitter app on your mobile device and/or through the website. For instructions on how to set up tweet notifications (also known as “push” notifications) to your device, check out this help menu.

The United States’ National Weather Service provides InteractiveNWS (iNWS), an application suite able to send NWS products to local partners in multiple ways, including as emails and texts. Visit to learn more or to sign up for the service. Once your registration has been accepted you can go onto the site and set up text alerts by county/parish, lat/long, or street address. You can also draw a polygon on the map provided to set up a custom alerting area.

Federal sources

Local emergency management news sources

Washington Emergency Management Division maintains a Facebook Page, a Nextdoor Account and a Twitter Account. For local information, consult with local sheriff and county emergency management services.