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Statewide Catastrophic Incident Planning Team (SCIPT)


The mission of the SCIPT is to facilitate collaborative engagement between state, tribal, and local governments, together with the communities they serve, in developing plans to prepare for, respond to and recover from catastrophic incidents.


Stakeholders planning collaboratively to prepare for, respond to and recover from a catastrophic incident.


“State law (Chapter 38.52 RCW) requires communities to prepare Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans (CEMPs) based on the hazards each community faces.  Catastrophic incidents are possible in every community within Washington; therefore, each community should plan for catastrophic incidents.”

The SCIPT Leadership includes the Chair and Vice Chair.  The Chair is the PAL Section Manager.  The Vice Chair is appointed by the Chair for a two-year term.

Charter & Membership

Charter established  (PDF)

Meeting dates

Once a quarter.

Point of Contact

Shane Moore, Washington State Catastrophic Planner, (253) 512-7120, Shane.Moore@mil.wa.gov

Catastrophic Planning Surveys 

Mass Care Services 

Water Infrastructure Systems

Meeting Materials (Agenda, Power Points & Notes)




Most Meetings Canceled due to COVID-19 Response




    Work Plan  (PDF)
    Statewide Catastrophic Definition (PDF)