Emergency Alert System (EAS) - State Plan

Tab A: Cover Sheet
Tab B: Guide to the Washington State EAS Plan
Tab 0: Washington State EAS Plan
Tab 1A: SECC Membership Roster
Tab 1B (B5): SECC Structure
Tab 1C: SECC Meeting Schedule
Tab 2: LECC Chairs and County EMD Officials
Tab 3: Local Area Map
Tab 4: Analog State Relay Network Map
Tab 5: Vacant
Tab 6: Vacant
Tab 7: Glossary of EAS Terms
Tab 8: Event Codes and Guidance
Tab 9: SECC Bylaws
Tab 10-A – Monitoring Guidelines for All Participants
Tab 10-B – Monitoring Assignments for Local Primary Stations & Distribution Facilities
Tab 10-C – Participating National (PN) Monitoring Matrix
Tab 11: RMT Schedule and Procedure

Tab 12: Local Operational Area Plans
        Central Puget
        Columbia Basin
        Columbia Gorge
        North Central
        North Puget

Tab 13: Reserved for Future Use
Tab 14: Analog National-Level System
Tab 15: NOAA/NWS Information and Maps
Tab 16: WA CAP Distribution Systems
Tab 17: Emergency Notifications Systems
Tab 18: WA FIPS Location Codes
Tab 19: Cable Systems Specific Information

Tab 20: Premiere Network
Tab 21: WEA (Wireless Emergency Alerts)
Tab 22: Process Flowchart
Tab 23: Reserved for Future Use
Tab 24: LECC Guidelines
Tab 25: Reserved for Future Use
Tab 26: Amber Alert Guidelines
Tab 27: Multilingual Information by County
Tab 28: Electronic Test Reporting System (ETRS)
Tab 29: FCC EAS Handbook
Tab 30: FCC EAS Rules
Tab 31: EAS PLAN TAB Index

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