Below are helpful resources to use when requesting Public Assistance. If you need assistance, please contact the Public Assistance Program at 253-512-7402. Counties and State agencies, please submit forms via e-mail to, or fax to 253-512-7405.

Find Public Assistance Contacts here.

Application Process:

Debris Management Plan Template:

Available upon request.

Project Worksheet & Documentation

  • Project Worksheet (FEMA Excel Form 90-91) available upon request. 
  • Special Considerations (FEMA Form 90-120) (Not working)
  • Applicant Fringe Benefits Calculation Worksheet (FEMA Form 90-128) (Not working)
    • Instructions (Not working)
  • Contract Work Summary Record (FEMA Form 90-126) (Not working)
    • Instructions (Not working)
  • Force Account Equipment Summary Record (FEMA Form 90-127) (Not working)
    • Instructions (Not working)
  • Materials Summary Record (FEMA Form 90-124) (Not working)
  • Rented Equipment Summary Record (FEMA Form 90-125) (Not working)

Final Inspection Report

Small Project Completion Certification

Funding/Payment Request

Quarterly Report

Time Extension