Cascadia Rising 2022 (CR22) Exercise Series

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Cascadia Rising Exercise Materials for June 13-16

Situation Manual: Critical Transportation Tabletop Exercise (PDF)

Situation Manual: Mass Care Services Tabletop Exercise (PDF)

Cascadia Rising Warm Startup Video Part 1

Cascadia Rising Warm Startup Video Part 2

Critical Transportation: Slides (PDF) & Expanded Questions (PDF)

Mass Care: Slides (PDF) & Expanded Questions (PDF)

CR22 Final Planning Meeting

Download the slides here (PDF)

CR22 Midterm Planning Meeting #2

Download the slides here (PDF)

CR22 Midterm Planning Meeting

Download the slides here (PDF)

CR22 IPR #1 Meeting

Download the slides here (PDF)

This chart depicts the Cascadia Rising 2022 exercise series Week of Play. The exercise series will begin on June 13th, 2022 with a Critical Transportation Tabletop Exercise, which is templated to last for six hours. Day 2 of the series will consist of a one and a half hour Critical Transportation and Mass Care Services crossover event to assist select attendees in conducting the Mass Care Services Tabletop Exercise. The Mass Care Services Tabletop Exercise will be held on 15 June 2022 and will last for approximately seven and a half hours. Lastly, on the 16th of June, we will hold a five hour combined Hotwash to review the exercise series and provide feedback for the After Action Review and Improvement Plan.

This information graphic depicts the general timeline for Cascadia Rising 2022 events including preparation and After Action activities. The exercise series was re-scoped in October 2021 to consist of discussion-based events. An In Progress Review was held in November to discuss the changes and concept with our stakeholders. Beginning in February of 2022 a series of meetings and exercise documents will be conducted or produced. In February, we will hold a Midterm Planning Meeting and finalize the written scenario documents. March will begin with writing the Situation Manual followed by the second In Progress Review. We anticipate completing our short video production in March to support the exercise series. May will include the Final Planning Meeting, completion of the Facilitator Guide, and include training for exercise Facilitators. June will include a series of rehearsals before execution of the exercise series. After the exercise series, beginning in August, we will develop drafts of the After Action Reports, hold After Action Meetings, and then finalize the After Action Reports and Improvement Plans in September 2022.

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