Cascadia Rising 2022 Full-Scale Exercise (CR22)


Jan. 14, 2020
It is our privilege to announce the re-launch of Washington States participation in Cascadia Rising 2022 National Level Full Scale Exercise, scheduled for June 13 – 16, 2022.

The vision is a whole community exercise to help expand core capabilities in response to a catastrophic incident.

To facilitate a mid-March Initial Planning Meeting: Extent of Play Agreements (XPA’s) must be completed and submitted to the by close of business Monday, March 1, 2021 for participation in CR22.

If your community or organization would like to join us in this exercise, please complete and submit the extent of play agreement found in the documents section.



Laura Hann
State Exercise Program Manager
(253) 254-3288 |

Lisa Johnson
State Exercise Coordinator
(253) 512-7080 |

Robert Sabarese
Assessments and Exercises Supervisor
(253) 512-7137 |