Natural hazards preparedness activities for all ages

Here in Washington, everyone can be a preparedness champion, regardless of your age! Discover games, videos, books, comics and other fun preparedness and natural hazards-themed activities below.

Dice & Disasters: The Role Playing Game

When Disaster Strikes, What Happens Next?
That’s ultimately up to you and the people around you at the time! Preparedness and survival skills will help you and your friends/families get through any situation that, but it’s more than just building a kit or stashing supplies. You may find out that you your skills, hobbies, or interests will help you out in ways you never imagined! However, no matter how prepared you are, there’s always going to be some measure of chance involved, whether you’re in a very inconvenient location or someone nearby wasn’t as prepared as you. That’s why we roll the dice – but just like in real life, more preparedness and/or practice increases your odds of succeeding at everything during a disaster. Learn more in this preparedness game developed by our outreach team. Download it here (PDF).

Games, Videos, Comics & More!


Ready Freddie!
Monster Guard App
American Red Cross (ages 7-11)
Smoke Alarm Calendar

Talking with kids about disasters



Wildfire/Home Fire


Middle School



General hazards


High School



General hazards


All Ages

Earthquake comic book
Tsunami comic book
Ready 2 Help [card game]

Partner Programs

Three Steps to Preparedness

Learn your Hazards
State map with hazard symbols.
Have a Plan
A person holding a map
Build Kits
A backpack

Learning about the hazards near where you work, play, and live will help you and your family be prepared for disasters that could happen, like earthquakes, floods, and pandemics.

Having a family disaster plan gives you peace of mind when a disaster happens. Decide as a family where your meeting locations are and who your out-of-area contact is.

You and your family may be on your own for at least two weeks when a disaster happens. Build a 2 Weeks Ready kit at home and smaller kits for work, school, and vehicles.

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