Washington Mutual Aid System (WAMAS)

The Washington Intrastate Mutual Aid System (WAMAS), established in RCW 38.56, provides for mutual assistance among member jurisdictions, to include every county, city and town of the state (does not include special purpose districts or state agencies). Federally recognized Indian Tribes located within the boundaries of the state may become a member upon receipt by the Washington State Military Department of a tribal government resolution declaring its intention to be a member of WAMAS. WAMAS members are encouraged to enter into, or take part in, other mutual aid agreements as authorized by law as they may work faster with pre-established relationships being present. WAMAS does not replace current mutual aid agreements; WAMAS is a mutual aid tool to use when other agreements do not exist. When members use WAMAS they must adhere to the procedures and forms within the current operations and deployment guide.

Current members include every county, city, and town of the State and The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation.

Committee Members
Chair – Robert Ezelle
Member - Bill Gillespie
Member - Kirk Holmes
Member - Quyen Thai
Member - Vacant

About the committee
The intrastate mutual aid committee is created and is a subcommittee of the Emergency Management Council (EMC). The intrastate mutual aid committee consists of not more than five members who must be appointed by the EMC chair from EMC membership. The chair of the intrastate mutual aid committee is the military department representative appointed as a member of the council. Meetings of the intrastate mutual aid committee must be held at least annually.

What the committee does
Support the intrastate mutual aid system established in chapter 38.56 RCW, the intrastate mutual aid committee shall develop and update guidelines and procedures to facilitate implementation of the intrastate mutual aid system by member jurisdictions, including but not limited to the following: Projected or anticipated costs; checklists and forms for requesting and providing assistance; recordkeeping; reimbursement procedures; and other implementation issues.

WAMAS Overview
WAMAS Mobilization Checklist (PDF)
Signed 2016 WAMAS Operations and Deployment Guide (PDF)
WAMAS Demobilization Checklist (PDF)
WAMAS Form Responding Jurisdiction Reimbursement (PDF)
WAMAS Process Flow Chart
Signed WAMAS Subcommittee Charter
Colville Tribe WAMAS (PDF)

Contact Washington Emergency Management Division, Mark Douglas by phone at (253) 512-7097, or by email at Mark.Douglas@mil.wa.gov

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