Technical Support

The 911 program provides technical support for counties on database and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

9-1-1 and Wireless Phones

The 911 Program Office worked with the wireless phone carriers to develop a system to route the wireless 9-1-1 calls by cell site. Calls from those sites that are aimed at the major highways, route to the Washington State Patrol. Calls from sites aimed at local jurisdictions are now routed to the 9-1-1 centers who dispatch for the local police departments. Over 97 percent of wireless 9-1-1 calls are now being routed to the police agency that provides service for the area from which the 9-1-1 calls are made.

Be Informed About Your Phone Set: Wireless Phones Can Create Problems for Both You and 9-1-1

Wireless Phone Emergency Lock Out and Accidental Misdials

National Emergency Number Association (NENA) Master Glossary of 9-1-1 Terminology