Flood Mitigation Assistance

Pre-application submission period has closed.

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This annually available program provides funds for cost-effective measures that reduce the risk of flood damage to structures that have flood insurance coverage. Grants are available for planning initiatives to update the flood hazard portion of an applicant’s hazard mitigation plan and for cost-effective flood mitigation projects.

FMA grants are dispersed through the reimbursement of eligible expenses and are based upon an established federal-local cost share of the given award. For mitigation activities not targeting severe repetitive loss (SRL) or repetitive loss (RL) structures, the cost share will be 75 percent federal funds and 25 percent local (non-federal) funds. For mitigation activities involving eligible SRL or RL properties, the cost shares are as follows:

  • SRL properties: 100 percent federal funds. No match requirement.
  • RL properties: 90 percent federal funds and 10 percent local (non-federal) funds.

For more information, visit FEMA’s FMA website or send your questions to our Hazard Mitigation Assistance all-staff e-mail address: HMA@mil.wa.gov.


*Updated 10/20/2023* FMA Fiscal Year 2023
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced the opening of their application period for the FY2023 Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) grant program. The application period begins on Oct. 16, 2023. EMD is designated to administer and oversee these programs for the State, including the application process for all eligible entities with the State (Federally recognized Tribes may apply directly to FEMA).

EMD has established a two-step process for BRIC sub-applicants that starts with a pre-application followed by a full application. EMD’s process and timeline is designed to ensure we meet FEMA’s Feb. 29, 2024 deadline for the State, as applicant, to submit its complete package of sub-applications. All entities seeking grant consideration must follow the State’s submission process and deadlines, which are described below.

Application Timeline

The preapplication deadline for BRIC 2023 has expired and WA State EMD is no longer accepting pre-application for this grant round.

Development and Submission of a full FEMA GO Sub-Application

For sub-applicants who complete step one (pre-application) and who are invited to submit full applications, the deadline to submit a complete FEMA GO sub-application for EMD review will be mid-October 2023. Sub-applications submitted after this date will not be reviewed or submitted to FEMA for consideration. 

EMD will review sub-applications for eligibility, completeness and cost effectiveness. We will request additional information if required and will work with sub-applicants to make selected applications as competitive and complete as possible. Sub-applications deemed mostly or substantially incomplete and/or lacking key required information may be omitted from further consideration.

Program Guidance

Pre-Application Documents

This short document provides EMD basic information about applicant eligibility, proposal eligibility, and overall suitability for HMGP. State EMD staff will review submitted pre-application forms and provide direct feedback to the applicant.

Pre-applications should be submitted to WA EMD via email at HMA@mil.wa.gov.

BCA Toolkit

Technical support for the toolkit is provided by The FEMA BCA. The BCA Helpline’s hours are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (EST), Monday through Friday. Email questions to bchelpline@fema.dhs.gov or calling toll free at 1-855-540- 6744.

Fact Sheet and Tools

Grant and Subgrant selections

FMA Fiscal Year 2023 Selections
Pending for Summer of 2024

Mitigation Staff Contact Information

Questions? Contact us at HMA@mil.wa.gov.