Extreme Weather Grant for Extreme Heat, Cold or Poor Air Quality Shelters

The purpose of the Extreme Weather Grant (EWG) is for the Washington Military Department (WMD) through the Washington Emergency Management Division (EMD) to reimburse eligible local governments and federally recognized tribes for costs incurred to respond to community needs during periods of extremely hot or cold weather or in situations of severe poor air quality from wildfire smoke.


The Extreme Weather Grant is open to the following eligible entities:

  1. Counties
  2. Federally Recognized Tribes

To qualify for this grant, counties and federally recognized tribes must:

  1. Be in a geographic area where vulnerable populations face combined, multiple environmental harms and health impacts, as determined by the department.
  2. Have demonstrated a lack of local resources to address community needs; and
  3. Have incurred eligible costs as described in the Grant Program Plan for the benefit of vulnerable populations.
  4. Be an official shelter as recognized by the County/Tribe as listed below:
    1. Public Building or contracted/donated space
    2. Open to the public at no cost, and;
    3. The entity wishing to receive this support must list their shelter as an available resource in the Washington Information Network 2-1-1 when the shelter is open

Note: The term “shelter" is used to denote a center, space or other public building held open to the public without charge to provide a safe location for people to shelter from extreme weather conditions. The “shelter" is not required to be held open overnight.


For an event to qualify under this grant, jurisdiction must experience and/or have the following in place:

  • An Extreme Weather Event existed in jurisdiction.
    • Extreme Heat, Extreme Cold and/or unhealthy Air Quality
  • Sheltering is needed to meet health recommendation levels established by the Regional and/or Local/Tribal Public Health or other decision-making officials.
    • Local/Tribal determination of temperature levels for heating and cooling sheltering requirements.
    • Air Quality level for Wildfire smoke shelters.


  • If no local guidelines are in place, the following criteria will be used:
    • A National Weather Service Advisories level of "Warning" for extreme heat and extreme cold will be used to determine eligibility.
    • “Unhealthy for All” category of AirNow Air Quality Index (or Air Quality Index value of 151 or higher) due to wildfire smoke.


The grant funds can be used to cover eligible costs incurred by the applicant in responding to community needs during periods of extremely hot or cold weather or severe poor air quality from wildfire smoke. Eligible activities may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Establishment and operation of temporary warming or cooling centers.
  2. Acquisition of equipment and supplies necessary for operating shelters.
  3. Provision of transportation services for vulnerable populations to access shelters.
  4. Staffing costs associated with the operation of shelters.
  5. Outreach and public awareness campaigns to inform vulnerable populations about available shelter services.
  6. Construction or renovation of permanent shelter facilities.
  7. Other activities directly related to addressing the needs of vulnerable populations during extreme weather events or poor air quality.


Read the Grant Program Plan for application steps and required documents:

EWG Program Plan (PDF)
FILLABLE Application & Agreement Form (PDF)
A19-1A Invoice Voucher


The Grant Program Plan has a Frequently Asked Questions Section. For further assistance or additional questions, please reach out to one of the EMD Human Services Staff:

Eva Escape
Grants Coordinator
(253) 512-7306

Office Hours: M-T, 0630-1700

Quinn Butler
Deputy Human Services
Program Supervisor
(253) 370-4219

Office Hours: M-F, 0800-1630

Zack Gifford
Recovery Program Coordinator
(253) 345-9244

Office Hours: T-F, 0700-1730