Emergency Management Radio Systems State Agency Emergency Net - 800 MHz

The State Agency Emergency Net is a radio net employing an ultra high frequency (UHF) 800 MHz repeater that has been incorporated into the Department of Transportation's 800 MHz trunked radio system on Capitol Peak. The net was primarily designed to provide a capability for state agencies within the Capitol Campus, Tumwater, Lacey and surrounding areas to communicate with the State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during emergency situations or disasters which severely impact or restrict the use of "normal" telephone services. It can also be used to communicate among agencies during an emergency situation, as needed.

State agencies have been encouraged to procure equipment and participate in the net. Currently, eleven agencies have done so. They are:

A "talk group", primarily consisting of the state agencies, has been defined for the net. The State Emergency Operations Officer (SEOO) monitors the net on a 24-hour basis. Communications checks of the net are scheduled on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month to ensure operational readiness.