EMD Strategic Plan

Director Robert Ezelle is pleased to present the Emergency Management Division 2023-2033 ten-year strategic plan. This plan represents a number of major shifts. It is intended to be transformational, not just for the Emergency Management Division but for the statewide emergency management community and the stakeholders we serve. This plan tackles such broad topics as disaster resilience, preparedness, readiness, emergency communications, and resourcing, and identifies steps the Washington Emergency Management Division must take if it is to be able to respond to and recover from a catastrophic incident such as a Magnitude 9 earthquake, a volcanic eruption, or human-caused mass casualty incident. At the same time, it is designed to bolster the state’s capacity to respond to the ever-increasing magnitude and complexity of incidents and disasters stemming from climate change.

Read the complete plan and the director's complete introductory note at the link. 

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