Washington Army National Guard 

Commissioned Officer & Warrant Officer Programs

Do you have what it takes to become an officer in the Washington Army National Guard?

Officers and Warrant Officers in the Washington Army National Guard lead and inspire fellow Washingtonians in service to our community and nation. Let the Officer Strength Management team help you find the right path to become an Officer. Service in the Washington Army National Guard and participation in our commissioning programs offer outstanding employee benefits. Becoming an Officer or Warrant Officer will develop your leadership skills, technical capabilities, meet your service-oriented goals and augment your personal development through a network of skilled professionals.

Become an Officer or Warrant Officer in the Washington Army National Guard

Review the Informational Pages (links on the right)  

Contact Information:

OSM Group Email (All): ng.wa.waarng.list.rrb-osm@army.mil or 253-512-1400

Basic Branch: ng.wa.waarng.mbx.rrb-osm-basic@army.mil or 253-468-3712

Specialty Branch: ng.wa.waarng.mbx.rrb-osm-specialty@army.mil  or 253-442-4348

Warrant Branch: ng.wa.waarng.mbx.rrb-osm-warrant@army.mil or 253-279-7119