US Army Warrant Officers are technical experts, combat leaders, trainers, and advisors who specialize, throughout an entire career, in a specific technical area. The US Army Warrant Officer cohort comprises less than three percent of the total US Army strength. Although small in size, the level of responsibility is immense and only the very best are selected to become US Army Warrant Officers. The Warrant Officer serves as the technical and tactical experts, as the leader of a team, and are highly trained in their field.

We are looking for the ELITE members of the force. If you are driven to excel, competent in your field, and believe you have the qualities to stand out from the average and mediocre, GIVE US A CALL!

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Most Warrant Officer (WO) Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs) require you to be at least pay grade E5 or higher with 4-6 years of experience in a skill/feeder MOS that is closely associated. Review the Prerequisites and Duty Descriptions to determine if you are eligible at:

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CLASS 24-001

Phase 1: Camp Atterbury, IN

20 OCT - 03 NOV

Phase 2:

DEC 8-10

JAN 19-21

FEB 23-25

MAR 8-10

APR 5-7

CLASS 24-002

Phase 1: Camp Atterbury, IN

8-22 MAR

Phase 2:

APR 5-7

MAY 17-19

JUN 12-14

JUL 12-14

AUG 9-11

Bridget Eidson
Warrant Officer Strength Manager
Washington Army National Guard
Office: 253-912-3145
Cell: 360-279-7119

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