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Army Medical Department (AMEDD)

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Support our Soldiers, our community, and the fight. From natural disasters to surgery on the front line, the WAARNG has the right opportunities for you.

Positions - Areas of Concentration

Medical Corps:

  • Flight Surgeon (61N)
  • Field Surgeon (62B)
  • Emergency Physician (62A)

Dental Corps:

  • General Dentist (63A)
  • Executive Dentist (63R)

Specialist Corps:

  • Physician’s Assistant (65D)
  • Physical Therapist (65B)

Nurse Corps:

  • Medical Surgical Nurse (66H)

Medical Service Corps:

Medical & Dental Students

Medical and Dental students in the Army National Guard are eligible for a direct commission. To qualifying for the program medical and dental students must join the Army National Guard and be enrolled in good standing or have a firm unconditional written acceptance from an accredited professional school leading to a degree in allopathic medicine (MD), osteopathic medicine (DO), dentistry (DDS or DMD).

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Army doctors have to go to Basic Training?

As an AMEDD Officer, you will not participate in Basic Combat Training that enlisted Soldiers go through. Instead, you will attend the Direct Commission Course (DCC), a six-week intensive physical, weapons, and leadership course that will prepare you to serve as an Officer.

After completing the DCC, you will attend the AMEDD Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC), a basic orientation course to the Army Health Care System and the Army. 

How long is AMEDD BOLC?

All providers will attend an abbreviated two week course at the AMEDD Center & School in Fort Sam Houston. Health Care Administrators (70B) will attend the full course (14 weeks) to prepare them to be platoon leaders in aid stations and medical treatment facilities.

Upon completion of AMEDD BOLC, Soldiers will return to Washington or return to their academic training.

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