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Aug 05

Washington National Guard

The Washington National Guard is mourning the loss of Lt Col Flando Jackson, 45, who died Aug. 4, 2016 while serving in Southwest Asia. read more

Jul 15

Washington National Guard

Interested in receiving a free hunting license? Find Out How! read more

Jun 10

Washington Emergency Management Division

Exercise scenario is based on a 9.0 earthquake and the resulting tsunami read more

May 31

Washington Military Department

We will join partners across the Northwest for Cascadia Rising, the largest earthquake exercise in state history read more

May 17

Washington National Guard

In an effort to get ahead of the 2016 wildfire season, this week more than 250 Washington National Guard soldiers and airmen will receive red card certification testing at the Yakima Training Center. The training program is led by the Washington Department of Natural Resources read more

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