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Jan 28

Washington National Guard

Legislators are considering a bill that would give several types of recreational hunting licenses at no cost to members of the Washington National Guard, who are residents, as a benefit for being part of the Guard. read more

Jan 27

Washington National Guard

Legislators are looking to tweak a law dating back to 1895 that could allow members of the Washington National Guard to be able to bunk overnight at armories and readiness centers across the state so they don't have to find another place to stay to complete their drill weekends and training. read more

Jan 26

Washington National Guard

Hope is to have Seahawks players sign it before an unveiling ceremony at the museum. read more

Jan 20

Washington Emergency Management Division

Washington Military Department leadership advocating for state agencies to have to establish continuity of operations plans. read more

Jan 15

Washington National Guard

National Guard members turned a 16-hour project to finish a disability ramp to help an ailing Bremerton boy into a lunch-time project – and helped save the boy's family a small fortune in the process recently. read more

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