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Deputy Legal Counsel for the Washington National Guard Honored by...

05.19.16 — Guard officer receives prestigious Seven Seals Award Award in recognition of his extraordinary support of those who.... Read More »

Washington National Guard to conduct firefighter training on YTC

05.17.16 — In an effort to get ahead of the 2016 wildfire season, this week more than 250 Washington National Guard soldiers and.... Read More »

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What to do if you encounter downed power lines

What to do if you encounter downed power lines

Assume all downed power lines are energized. Do not drive over downed power lines. Stay in your car.

How to avoid Carbon Monoxide poisoning

How to avoid Carbon Monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide - the Silent Killer. This gas has no odor or color and is very dangerous. Each year people suffer from illness or even death due to carbon monoxide poisoning.  Learn what carbon monoxide does to the body and the actions you can take to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

When's the best time to create an emergency plan?

When's the best time to create an emergency plan?

Talk to your family today about emergency planning. (En espanol: No Espere. Comuniquese.

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The Washington Military Department's mission is to minimize the impact of emergencies and disasters on people, property, environment and the economy of Washington State by providing trained and ready forces for state and federal missions. The department also provides structured alternative education opportunities for at-risk youth.

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