Education and Incentives

The Education Services and Incentives Offices’ mission is to promote student achievement by preparing service members and their families for global competitiveness by fostering educational awareness, providing funding opportunities through the management of federal and state programs, and ensuring equal access to premier education services.

Education Contacts

Vallerie Thornton
Education Services Officer
(253) 512-1324

Diana L. White
Supervisory Education Services Specialist
Federal Tuition Assistance & Credentialing
(253) 512-8390

Elymayi Woodall
Education Services Specialist
GI Bill and State Tuition Programs
(253) 512-8435

Please use our group email below to ensure your inquiry is handled accordingly:

Getting Started

Please check out our new education benefits handbook to help get you started! Check out the 2024 Education Benefits Handbook

Follow these steps for a smooth transition to student life! These are listed in the order of use to facilitate the process.

  1. Research Programs available in Washington State -
  2. Enroll at your school / program and request an Evaluated Degree Plan.
  3. Apply for Financial Aid EVERY YEAR -
  4. Apply for The Washington National Guard Grant EVERY YEAR -
  5. Apply for Federal Tuition Assistance EVERY TERM! You will need a CAC card -
  6. Apply for the GI Bill if you are eligible. This is a one-time application -

The National Guard offers great opportunities for students across the Nation. Please review a list of programs available nationwide. - Booklet

Additional Resources