Joining Community Forces

Joining Community Forces (JCF) is an effort to support service members, veterans and their families at the community level. The JCF initiative is an expansion of the national-level Joining Forces campaign championed by First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden. It focuses attention on identifying grassroots solutions at the community level to assist veterans, service members and their families with employment, wellness, and education issues.


The Joining Community Forces mission to maximize the impact of community resources (civilian and military) to veteran, military members, and families in order to build resilience and foster a community network that is sustainable and relevant both now and into the future. The goal of JCF is not to create a military centric solution, but a community centric solution, whereby national, regional, state, and local entities can partner and exponentially impact the communities in which they live.


  • Strengthen state Inter-Service Family Assistance Committees (ISFACs)
  • Foster a sustainable network of local support
  • Facilitate governmental/non-governmental, non-profit, corporate partners and local citizen collaboration
  • Fill service and information gaps