All Military & Family Readiness Specialists, (MFRS) provide resources to both Soldier’s and their families at any point of their career path. These resources and/or referrals include, but are not limited to support for finances, counseling, legal referrals and Tricare/Deers.

A Military & Family Readiness Specialist also provides assistance to the Commander in the execution of the Command’s family readiness responsibilities. In addition, Military & Family Readiness Specialists provide guidance with hands-on assistance in establishing, maintaining, and energizing Military & Family Readiness Groups, (FRGs). To accomplish this mission, Military & Family Readiness Specialists coordinate with subject matter experts to provide guidance and training to units, Military & Family Readiness Groups, and Command Staff, MFRS coordination also extends to Yellow Ribbon events and activities.

By helping families become more knowledgeable and self-reliant, reducing stress and encouraging Military and family readiness, MFRSs offer an opportunity for families to contribute to the well-being, morale and spirit of their unit. This further helps Guardsmen cope with common issues and challenges presented with a military lifestyle.

The Benefits of the Military & Family Readiness Group

The Military & Family Readiness Group provides a connection to the unit through which families gather important information, develop friendships, and receive moral support. By feeling connected and supported, families are more likely to establish and maintain positive attitudes about military life, the unit, and its mission. The Family Readiness Group’s efforts to educate and support families help them become more resilient and able to cope with deployments. This support can help reduce Soldiers’ stress and enable Military members to focus on the mission.

Lead MIlitary and Family Readiness Specialists (LMFRS)

Camp Murray (Building 3)      (253) 512-7869 cell: (253) 355-5124


Military and Family Readiness Specialists (MFRS)

Camp Murray (Building 3):

(253) 512-8441

cell: (253)-208-8602

Camp Murray (Building 3):

(253) 512-8367

cell: (253) 254-1906

Vancouver AFRC:

(360) 604-7303

cell: (253) 355-6239

Kent Armory:

(253) 512- 8766

cell: (253)-327-3498

Spokane Readiness Center:

(509) 532-2775

cell: (509) 630-0701

Yakima Readiness Center:

(509) 469-4638

cell: (509) 844-4059

Bremerton Armory:

(360) 473-2411

cell: (253) 355-5875

Marysville Readiness Center:

(360) 436-2423

cell: (253) 355-6388

Olympia Armory:

(360) 704-6707

cell: (360) 628-7195

Personal Finance Counselors


Financial responsibility and accountability in money management


Preventive financial education and Personal financial counseling
Consumer advocacy and Information and referral


Personal financial readiness
Responsibility and accountability
Stability, choice and freedom

PFCs deliver training on:

Military benefits
Debt management
Spending plans
Pre-and post-deployment preparations
Retirement (BRS)

Consumer Advocacy Services

Identity theft
Pay-day loans
Consumer safety and rights
Filling out forms
Contacting and working with creditors

We can help with:

Spending plans
Thrift Savings Plan
Debt repayment
Deployment, transition, and retirement preparation
Tax planning