Our Fallen Heroes

We Will Never Forget

Our deepest condolences go out to all family, friends and comrades-in-arms. Selfless sacrifice such as these brave souls serve as the ultimate exemplar of duty to the cause of freedom and the defense of our great nation.

MSG Tommy Carter killed in action - 25 April 2004+

SGT Jeffrey R. Shaver killed in action - 12 May 2004

SPC Daniel P. Unger killed in action - 25 May 2004*

2LT Andre D. Tyson killed in action - 22 June 2004*

SGT Patrick R. McCaffrey killed in action - 22 June 2004*

SPC Jeremiah W. Schmunk killed in action - 08 July 2004

SPC Donald R. McCune II died of wounds - 05 August 2004**

SGT Quoc Tran killed in action - 07 November 2004

SFC Michael Ottolini killed in action - 10 November 2004

CW4 Patrick Leach killed in action - 09 December 2004

SGT Damien T. Ficek killed in action - 30 December 2004

CPL Glenn J. Watkins died of wounds - 05 April 2005

CW2 David Shephard killed in action - 19 September 2005***

SSG Christopher Vanderhorn killed in action - 01 January 2006

1LT Jamie Campbell killed in action - 07 January 2006++

SGT Velton Locklear killed in action - 23 September 2006

MAJ Guy "Bear" Barattieri died of wounds - 4 October 2006***

MAJ Alan Johnson died of wounds - 27 January 2007+++

CPL Jason Bogar died of wounds - 13 July 2008

SPC Samuel Stone died of wounds - 31 May 2009

CW4 Mike Montgomery killed in action - 26 October 2009

SGT William Spencer died of injuries - 25 Feb 2010

SSG Tim McGill died of injuries - 21 Sept 2013

CW3 Andrew McAdams died of injuries - 10 Jan 2014

SFC Matthew McClintock killed in action - 5 Jan 2016


* Five members of the California National Guard died while assigned to the 1-185 Armor Battalion, CAARNG. This battalion deployed to Iraq in 2004 as part of the WA-based 81st Brigade Combat Team.

** SPC McCune transferred from the Michigan National Guard in order to deploy with the 81st Brigade.

*** Special Forces officers who served in the initial liberation of Iraq in 2003 and later were killed while serving as a contractor at time of death.

+ MSG Carter was a former member of A/1/19 SFG (A) and was killed as member of Oregon National Guard

++ 1LT Campbell was a former member of the 66th AVN BDE and was killed as member of Alaska National Guard

+++ MAJ Alan Johnson was a long time member of the WAARNG who was later killed as member of 402nd CA BN, USAR


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