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Why National Hire A Veteran Day?

It is not easy for veterans to transition from their military service to normal civilian lives. And yet, many veterans move every day to civilian society. This can be a challenging phase for them and that is why we need to raise awareness about them joining the workforce, to make people aware of what we can do for them to make them feel at ease. The heroes from our military services deserve as much help as we can give and the best way to help them is to hire them for their skills.

As the military veterans transfer from one place to another, their families also have to move along. This means, there is an increasing need to find work for the families of the veterans as well. This day can be used to spotlight the needs of veterans and families and help those near us to find sustenance for their living. Additionally, as you help veterans find a job, you are also helping in improving the social and economical development of the country while also improving the living quality of the veterans and their families. The day is a celebration to bring awareness to the need for hiring veterans as they move from active service to the civilian workforce.

The day was founded by Dan Caporale, a veteran of the Marine Corps, who is also the founder of Hire Our Heroes. The day was officially observed in the year 2017 for the first time and has been in observance on the same day every year since then.