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Guardsmen provide support to Joint Services Support during Holiday Magic


The holidays are celebrated as a time of service, where you give back to your family and community in appreciation for all that they have done throughout the year.

Guardsmen have an inherit nature to volunteer their time. Chief Warrant Officer 2 Joshua Orr, is one of those Guardsmen that volunteers his time. Orr, a Human Resources professional, takes leave to volunteer.

“Giving back and volunteering is just second nature,” Orr said. “We already volunteer our time as service members, so giving a little more to help others is easy.”

His commitment to helping fellow soldiers has not gone unnoticed and although he does not want any recognition for his service, Orr would like others to get out as well and volunteer their time around Camp Murray.

“If somebody needs help, you just help them,” Orr said. “Whatever the need is, no questions asked.”

For the Washington National Guard’s Joint Service Support office, Guardsmen volunteering for events helps in a major way.

“We have people that want to help if given the opportunity,” said Carl Steele, Director, Washington National Guard Joint Service Support. “Many are just unaware of the opportunities here.”


Sgt. Terrence Carpenter, Spc. Brianne Kim and Spc. Karleen Pearson are just a handful of Guardsmen who regularly come out to help with events.

“I have been fortunate enough to not need any services,” said Pearson “Because of this though, it is important for me to volunteer time to help those who need assistance.”

“I understand the amount of effort it takes to put on these events,” Carpenter said. “Many people take for granted the services and events that happen around Camp Murray without realizing the huge amount of work it takes to put on the events.”

Taking time to volunteer to help out not only builds personal character, but also provides an example to your community on how to care for others. Not only will it make you feel good, but you have an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.

If you or somebody you know wants to make a difference in 2019, contact Deb Discolo from Joint Services Support at (253) 945-1869 or come in to visit JSS at Building 3 on Camp Murray.