Washington Army National Guard

Rainier Reception

Welcome to the Washington Army National Guard. As a new member of the Washington Army National Guard we want to ensure you have a smooth transition from wherever you are coming from, are aware of your benefits, and are administratively, medically and logistically ready to report to your assigned unit. 

Concept of the Operation:
  • Step 1: Complete registration for Rainier Reception
    • Submit Clothing Sizes to your Recruiter/Strength Manager
    • Confirm open bay barracks usage with your Recruiter/Strength Manager
    • Confirm Travel Plans to Rainier Reception with your Recruiter/Strength Manager
    • Recruiter/Strength Manager confirms your reservation at Rainier Reception with Reporting Guidance
  • Step 2: Attendance at Rainier Reception
    • Report to Rainier Reception on Camp Murray, Tacoma, Washington at the designated location and date from your Recruiter/Strength Manager
    • Complete Briefings, administrative review by the G1, medical review by the Medical Detachment, and equipment issue by the G4
    • Complete Rainier Reception with a Battle Handoff. This is where a unit representative from your assigned unit will arrive to be your sponsor and provide you with points of contact for your unit and issue you reporting guidance. This individual will function as your sponsor until have reported to your supervisor at your unit. 
  • Step 3: Report to Assigned Unit
    • Following the guidance provided at the Battle Handoff you will report to your assigned unit during the next scheduled IDT. 
    • You should be provided an inprocessing checklist/guidance from your assigned unit to ensure you are fully integrated into the unit and any applicable systems, etc. Each unit will have their own checklist but if they do not have one there is one you can reference in the download section below. 
  • Step 4: Share your Experience
    • Let us know if there is anything we can do better for new personnel coming through Rainier Reception. 
    • Share your experience in the WAARNG with your friends and family. If they are friends of yours we want to serve with them as well. Keep your recruiters' contacts available and leverage relationships in the WAARNG to help you in your career and share those benefit opportunities with others. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a valid CAC before arriving at Rainier Reception?
    • No, we can support your new military CAC during Rainier Reception but if you have the feasibility to complete this before reporting it will decrease the amount of time you will have to be in line waiting for service. There are a lot of personnel inprocessing and decreasing this step will make the process smoother for you. 
    • You can secure a new CAC anytime after the DEERS systems recognizes your status in the WAARNG. For new enlistees that is usually a few weeks after you swear in at MEPS. For Active Component transfers that is usually the final week of service in the Regular Army before transferring to the WAARNG. 

  • Can I skip Rainier Reception and report directly to my unit?
    • No, we want all personnel to inprocess at Rainier Reception to ensure you are administratively, medically, and logistically ready to join your unit. Rainier Reception also includes briefings on WAARNG benefits, and introductions from Senior Leadership within the State. 
    • Contact your Recruiter/Strength Manager if you have a unique case. Attendance waivers are only authorized by the OIC of Rainier Reception. 

  • I already have gear; do I still have to submit my clothing sizes? 
    • Yes, the personnel at CIF/G4 will scrub your profile for currently issued items and only issue you items you need. All personnel are required to submit their clothing sizes by the deadline established by your Recruiter/Strength Manager. 

Download Section

  • Rainier Reception - Supporting
    • Map of Camp Murray
    • Concept of the Operation
    • OCIE Sizing Sheet
  • Briefed Content
    • JSS
    • Education
    • Officer Recruiting
    • AGR/Fulltime Jobs

Contact Information:

--Rainier Reception OIC--

1LT Erika Dixon
BLDG 33, Camp Murray, Tacoma WA 98430
☎ Office: (253) 512-8239
☎ Mobile: (804) 443-7607
Email: erika.l.dixon6.mil@army.mil