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Washington National Guard celebrated by Gov. Inslee, Legislature

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Gov. Jay Inslee and Major General Bret D. Daugherty issued awards to 1-303rd Cavalry Regiment as well as Warrant Officer 1 William Elliot and Airman First Class Joseph Perez-Resop.

Washington National Guard celebrated by Gov. Inslee, Legislature

Gov. Jay Inslee and Major General Bret D. Daugherty, the adjutant general, honored members of the Washington National Guard in a ceremony on Jan. 30 for their work last year involving the Central Washington wildfires and the State Route 530 Landslide.

The event capped off a day honoring the National Guard by both the Washington State Senate and the Washington State House.

A commendation was issued to the 1-303rd Cavalry Regiment “for their leadership and professional excellence during the 2014 Chiwaukum Complex fire.”

The commendation notes that the regiment “supported the Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Forest Service on the fire line during the height of conflagration. Their ability and commitment at all levels earned the confidence of the division chief and incident commander, proving the Washington National Guard’s allegiance to its citizens in a time of need.”

Warrant Officer 1 William Elliot was issued a commendation for his work as a liaison officer in the coordination of tribes impacted by the State Route 530 Landslide.

“His coordination efforts resulted in a medical response for Tribal public health needs, disposition of recovered Tribal artifacts and maintenance of salmon runs due to river blockage,” the commendation states.

Airman First Class Joseph Perez-Resop was honored with a commendation for “his dedication and exceptional compassion to those tragically affected by the State Route 530 Landslide.”

Perez-Resop provided critical support in the recovery of 43 persons who lost their lives as a result of the landslide.

“The support he provided enabled the citizens impacted by the slide to begin the healing and recovery process,” the commendation states.

“In addition to being proud of us, I’m also proud of our boss, Jay Inslee, … because our governor has been leading from the front helping the people impacted by the tragedy at Oso and the forest fires in Eastern Washington,”  Maj. Gen. Daugherty said during the celebration. “He’s been with us both through the mud and the flames. He’s led from the front and he listens to concerned citizens, who have really been impacted by these disasters.” 

“I want to thank you on behalf of 7 million people for your personal commitment for the safety and security of Washington state,” Inslee told those in attendance, who included members of the Washington National Guard, as well as the other branches of the Washington Military Department.

Inslee also gave special attention to state Sen. Steve Hobbs, a major in the Washington National Guard.

Inslee noted Hobbs “is doing great work. It’s so great to have a leader in our Legislature to tell your story and when you see him, give him a pat on the back. He’s one of the great people in the Guard.”

On the House floor, legislators also celebrated the Washington National Guard.


State Rep. Dan Griffey.

State Rep. Dan Griffey noted that his cousin had served in the Washington National Guard and his grandfather was in the National Guard.

Griffey is a firefighter from Mason County (Podcast of speech here).

“As a professional firefighter, I stood next to them trying to protect homes desperately. We cried together when we couldn’t make it happen,” Griffey said. “We sandbag communities. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but we try. In the fire service, if we can’t handle it, we can call the Washington State National Guard and I thank all of you for that. … I have to tell you that firefighters, police officers, the House Republican Caucus, we have people we look up to who are heroes. And the people we look up to the most are the men and women of our U.S. Armed Forces and we thank you so much.”

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State Rep. Christine Kilduff speaks as members of the Washington National Guard stand at attention.

State Rep. Christine Kilduff said that she was was proud that her first floor speech was in recognition of those who serve.

“Today is for those who answered the call, the call for service, to be there for neighbors when forest fires block out the sun or mudslides bury a community,” Kilduff said. “… Today is for remembering the fallen, those who died overseas defending our freedom and those who died here, helping families or after a lifetime of service. … There isn’t a day I don’t remember my father in law who fought in the Pacific during World War II…. The Guard won’t make you rich, it won’t make you famous and the haircut options are limited, but what you do is priceless. And we will always, always be thankful.”

House Resolution 4604 honoring the Guard was approved unanimously.

On the Senate side, state senators also had plenty of praise for the National Guard.

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Members of the Washington National Guard are recognized by Lt. Gov. Brad Owen and the Washington State Senate, with
Major General Bret D. Daugherty sitting beside Owen.