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Construction Fair helps prepare cadets for future


Cadets had a chance to use a pin driver at the construction fair on Nov. 19.

Job skills a tenet of the eight core components

More than 150 cadets from the Washington Youth Academy took part in aconstruction career day on Nov. 19 at the Washington State Fairgrounds, joining thousands of students from across the region.

It was part of Pierce County Career Day, where students got a chance at discovering the technical skills required for occupations in the trades through interactive exhibits and information on internships, registered apprenticeships and training resources.

Industries from the military, construction, aerospace, engineering, manufacturing, utilities and transportation sector were represented. There were also technical jobs at the event – from baristas to dental hygienists.

Cadets had a chance to drive tractors, use jack hammers, meet auto technicians, construct tool boxes and learn from experts in their field.

Learning job skills is one the eight core components of the Washington Youth Academy. Commandant Chris Acuna says that cadets attend a career fair each cycle to help them understand what they might want to do when they leave the Academy.


Cadets check out a brochure on different technical jobs available.


Cadets had a chance to use a jackhammer under safe conditions.


Cadets asked questions from an auto technician and built networking skills.


Cadets got to use heavy equipment to hone precision skills.