Units of the 194th Wing

194th Wing Staff Agencies

The staff of the 194th Wing provide administrative services in support of subordinate units.  Staff agencies include chaplain services, equal opportunity, finance, the Human Resource Advisor, the Inspector General, legal services, plans/programs, public affairs, and safety.

194th Air Support Operations Group

The 194th Air Support Operations Group provides oversight and support of eight assigned Air Support Operation Squadrons located in seven states. The experts of the unit staff provide advice and Staff Assistance Visits to better prepare units for command-level inspections. Additionally, the 194th Air Support Operations Group develops and distributes plans, programs, and best practices to aligned units, building a stronger Air National Guard tactical air control party community.

  • 111th Air Support Operations Squadron: The mission of the 111th Air Support Operations Squadron is to act as the communications and coordination link between the Army ground commander and Air Force combat assets. The unit performs this function by accepting requests for close air support from lower-echelon, joint-service units, and coordinating those requests with the senior Army maneuver element, joint-service artillery and other combat assets. The 111th Air Support Operations Squadron deploys to battlefield forward areas and supports multiple services in providing close air support and acts as a liaison between Air Force and Army elements.

  • 116th Air Support Operations Squadron: Providing Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) who support two Army National Guard Brigades and one Division, the 116th ASOS acts as the furthest extension of Air Force influence on the Joint battlefield. These  Tactical Air Control Party members are close air support experts, advising ground commanders on use of Air Force assets in combat.  JTACs serve as forward air controllers, winning battles by guiding weapons onto target.

  • 116th Weather Flight: The 116th Weather Flight provides meteorological support to US Army forces operating in the field and under combat conditions, from Aerospace Expeditionary Forces, to state emergency missions and to homeland
    defense. Traditionally aligned with the 81st Combat Brigade Team and the 66th Aviation Brigade, WA Army National Guard, the 116th Weather Flight has earned 6 unit awards and 16 individual decorations for deployments since 2001.

194th Mission Support Group

  • 194th Communications Flight: The 194th Communications Flight provides technologically advanced, state-of-the-art communications support services to one of the most diversified missioned wings in the Air National Guard. Communications airmen are trained to provide support for voice, data and video transport (wired & wireless) systems and internal and external connectivity required for federal  missions and state emergency disaster responses. The flight also monitors and supports the Information Assurance security programs, communications equipment tracking, circuit requisitions/installations and Information Knowledge operations for sustaining web-based requirements. All efforts are focused to provide the best possible communications services to the modern warfighter and state communities.

  • 194th Force Support Squadron: The 194th Force Support Squadron provides teams uniquely qualified to perform personnel support during national, expeditionary, and state contingency operations as well as combat support capability to include field feeding, lodging, and fitness. The unit provides commanders and the joint operations center with total force accountability, deployment planning and execution, manning documents, mortuary and casualty response, to include search and recovery capability, and base services support. Steady state operations include providing support in readiness, services, education and training, and customer service for more than 1,000 members in the Washington Air National Guard.

  • 194th Logistics Readiness Squadron: The mission of the 194 LRS is to provide logistical support by planning, coordinating, maintaining, transporting, equipment and services that enable 194 Airmen to support diverse state and federal missions at home and abroad. We remain focused on continually improving processes and capabilities to meet new and evolving missions ensuring wing readiness.

  • 194th Security Forces Flight: The mission of the 194th Security Forces Flight is to protect, defend, and fight to enable missions of the 194th Wing, The Air Force, and Joint and Coalition forces. To provide the highest quality weapons training and maintenance and maximum domestic operational capability to the Washington Governor. 

  • 248th Civil Engineering Flight: The 248th Civil Engineering Flight performs the wartime tasks of operational planning, engineering management, command and control, and expeditionary site planning and reporting, as well as maintaining expertise in technical design and construction management. Locally, the unit provides engineering and management expertise to the Washington National Guard in times of contingencies or natural disasters.

194th Medical Group

The 194th Medical Group is responsible for ensuring individual and unit mission readiness through realistic medical readiness training, to be prepared to support Air Expeditionary Forces (AEF) and State Directed Missions.  The Group also provides comprehensive Aerospace Medicine, Administrative, Public Health, Dental and Bioenvironmental Engineering support to the 194th Regional Support Wing and the Washington Air National Guard.  Additionally, the Group assists in humanitarian missions; trains and provides support for Homeland Defense while also providing medical support for all other 194th Regional Support Wing components (Groups and Squadrons) as they prepare to be fit, ready, and reliable.  The 194th Medical Group also trains personnel to operate in Expeditionary Medical Support (EMEDS) in support of Air Expeditionary Force requirements in order to be prepared to support all Homeland Defense operations, at home or abroad.

252d Cyberspace Operations Group

The 252d Cyberspace Operations Group provides highly trained and qualified cyberspace and intelligence professionals to combatant commanders. They ensure squadrons are trained and evaluated in order to be mission-ready to support cyber, intelligence and expeditionary communications missions. They also provide oversight for cyberspace and intelligence operational forces in direct support of Air Combat Command, Air Force Space Command, the Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Agency and United States Cyber Command. The 252 Combat Communications Group provides citizen airmen to support domestic cyber operations; cyber intelligence support to federal and state law enforcement agencies and provides cyber mission planning and command element in support of combatant commanders for worldwide contingency operations.

  • 143d Cyberspace Operations Squadron: The 143d Cyberspace Operations Squadron's mission involves integrating cyberspace operational forces with other air, space and cyberspace forces to enhance effects. It provides augmentation for network maintenance and administration. It advises network owner/operator in remediating of network security vulnerabilities. Finally, the unit executes network vulnerability assessments.

  • 194th Intelligence Squadron: The 194th Intelligence Squadron's mission is to provide tailored target and geospatial intelligence to the air component and other federated partners to enable precision engagement and effective operations.

  • 242d Combat Communications Squadron: The mission of the 242d Combat Communications Squadron is to rapidly deploy, operate and maintain command, control, communications, and computer systems at any time and location around the globe in support of both federal and state missions. Additionally, its mission includes providing the highest level of combat communication capability and mission readiness to combatant commanders and maximum domestic operational capability to the governor of Washington State.

  • 256th Intelligence Squadron: The 256th Intelligence Squadron performs digital network intelligence analysis and provides intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance support for defensive cyber operations in order to deny and mitigate threats to Air Force networks.

  • 262d Cyberspace Operations Squadron: The 262 Cyberspace Operations Squadron is nationally recognized as a leader in the Cyber Operations community. Its world class citizen airmen lead the Air National Guard in conducting Industrial Control Systems (ICS) cyber defense and Cyber Protection Team (CPT) missions. As the pilot unit for ICS missions, 262 airmen are working to include the ICS mission capability into the CVA/H Weapon System. The 262 has personnel and capabilities to become the first Air National Guard unit to mobilize in support of the National Cyber Forces conducting Cyber Protection Team missions. Recent operations include a Domestic security assessment, at the request of the governor, for the Snohomish County Public Utility District. Federal missions have included Cyber Mission Assurance for both Global Strike Command aircraft and F-35 test support facilities.