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Veterans Adventure Group to host Mt Rainier climb in June

The Veterans Adventure Group is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower veterans to find their next mission in life. They do this by building, training, and equipping small teams of veterans to thrive in extreme sports and environments. This supports their vision of building highly effective teams of veterans across the nation who can operate as teams independently in their extreme sport. These teams are also their solution to bridge the gap between veterans and civilians by inserting veterans in a likeminded civilian community centered around the extreme sport.

Aside from serving veterans through extreme sports, they also strive to break the “broken veteran” narrative. Although many veterans may have struggles related to their service, they are not broken. Veterans Adventure Group wants to showcase veterans thriving in environments where most people merely try to survive. They do not advertise as a therapeutic, healing, or recovery program. They do not assume any veteran wishing to be involved is struggling as they refuse to strengthen the broken veteran image.

The Veterans Adventure Group offers a wide range of activities in numerous parts of the nation. They currently offer drag racing, skydiving, SCUBA, kite boarding, adaptive ski clinics, weekend lake retreats, caving, and mountaineering. One of their events is a yearly Mt. Rainier climb. They have been climbing Mt. Rainier yearly and have grown from taking four veterans up the mountain in 2016 with current numbers now reaching 36 each year, with an 85% summit success rate! This is a three-day climb up the Disappointment Cleaver Route and consists of two nights tent camping at Camp Muir, a mountaineering school, and a summit attempt. They also do yearly climbs on Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams with future goals of running trips up the Grand Teton and North America’s tallest peak, Denali.

As an all-volunteer staff, If you are a veteran looking to get involved or would like to volunteer, please contact the Veterans Adventure group via Facebook or emailing