Labor Relations

As a Supervisor, you will no doubt have to exercise your innate leadership skills related to Labor, Employee, and Human Relations. You have the tremendous obligation to take on a broad list of responsibilities with establishing and maintaining employee satisfaction. In order to sustain such satisfaction, you'll have to obtain their trust first & foremost. After hiring them, you'll have to figure out how to retain them; promote them; negotiate their compensation/benefits and at times, partner with your local Union representatives whenever applicable. While applicable to HR and ER, these responsibilities all technically fall under the sub-category of labor relations. If you are new to Supervision, you will definitely be asking yourself: what in the heck is labor relations?

In short, labor relations is the term used to define the connection and agreements between employer and employees. Labor relations is a sub-function of the human resources umbrella that is focused on preventing and resolving employee-related problems, usually with regard to your employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) or union contract. Labor relations deals with the management of employee contracts, documentation of their grievances, coordination with unions, and staying up to date with the current labor law(s). As such, it is important for you as a Supervisor, that you're a leader and manager who understands the definition of labor relations and how it affects your role and the employees you manage.

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