Washington National Guard Inspector General

Supporting Washington National Guard: Soldiers, Airmen, Civilian Employees and Family Members

Anyone has the right to present complaints, grievances, or requests for assistance to the Inspector General. These complaints or grievances may include what someone might reasonably believe to be evidence of fraud, waste, and abuse.

Before visiting the Inspector General, you should consider whether your supervisory chain can address your concerns in a more prompt manner. However, you are not required to present your concerns to anyone before contacting the Inspector General. Remember to obtain permission to be absent from your duties if you wish to visit the Inspector General during work hours. You are not required to tell anyone why you want to speak to an Inspector General.

Contact the State Joint Force Headquarters IG
Phone:( 253) 512-8898 or (253) 512-8866
FAX: (253) 512-7715
Email: ng.wa.waarng.mbx.ig@army.mil
Walk In: Building 24, Infantry Dr., Camp Murray

Contact the 194th Wing (Air National Guard) IG
Phone: (253) 512-3328
Email: 194wg.ig.complaints@us.af.mil
Walk In: Building 50, Room 104, 50 Sergeant Major Dr, Camp Murray

Contact the 141st Wing (Air National Guard) IG
Phone: (509) 247-7064 or (509) 247-8840 Email: UDG_141ARW_IG@us.af.mil