741st Ordnance Battalion

Federal Mission: On order, 741st Ordnance Battalion (Explosive Ordnance Disposal [EOD]) plans, directs, coordinates, and controls all EOD assets and operations in a theater.

State Mission: On order, the 741st OD BN (EOD) is to provide 250 Soldiers as part of the States Response Task Force (RTF) in order to support civil agencies that have the primary responsibility to protect life and property, preserve the peace, and maintain order and public safety.  HHD provides the HQs element for the RTF and 10 Soldiers in the RTF.

741st EOD BN is uniquely structured to provide training and support across a broad spectrum of missions to include:

  • Humanitarian Assistance / Disaster Relief (HADR)
  • Consequence Management
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED)
  • Site preparation and facility construction

741st Ordnance Chain of Command

Commander - Maj. Aaron Mach

Command Sergeant Major - CSM Tim Burr

Units of the 741st Ordnance Battalion

  • 741st Explosive Ordnance Battalion
  • HHD, 741st Ordnance Company
  • 319th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Co.
  • 217th Ordnance Company – Californian Army National Guard
  • 363rd Ordnance Company – Arizona Army National Guard
  • 3665th Ordnance Company – Nevada Army National Guard