341st Military Intelligence Battalion

"Vigilantia Et Valor"

The Washington Army National Guard's 341st Military Intelligence Battalion (Linguist) mission is to provide trained Military Intelligence soldiers with linguist skills, capable of worldwide deployment. A linguist’s mission can include human intelligence (translation, interrogation and counter-intelligence) and signals intelligence (voice interception, and intelligence analysis). The 341st also stands ready to respond to natural or man-made disasters here in the state.
Federal Mission: On order, the 341st MI BN (L) provides intelligence capabilities and assets to include foreign language support, prisoner-of-war interrogation, CI, HUMINT, and SIGINT for all Army echelons and serves as a center for language management.
State Mission: On order, the 341st MI BN (L) provides National Guard Civil Support to State and local civil authorities in response to a natural or man-made disaster or emergency. Civil Support tasks include, but are not limited to, providing general disaster relief, humanitarian assistance, armory support, civil liaison, security and traffic control, firefighting, and incident analysis and assessment.

341st Military Intelligence Battalion Command Team

LTC Nolan Rinehart


CSM Jacqueline Lavelanet

Command Sergeant Major

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