Alpha Co. 1-19th Special Forces

The Washington Army National Guard's Alpha Company, 1-19th Special Forces Group are some of the most elite citizen-soldiers in the Washington National Guard. These silent professionals are always on a real-world mission or training for one. Their missions are conducted worldwide and are sometimes classified. The training, dedication and professionalism of these citizen soldiers is second to none. Their missions range from counterterrorism and unconventional warfare to humanitarian missions. They also stand ready to protect lives and property in the Evergreen State during state emergencies.

Federal Mission: A/1-19th Special Forces Group (A) prepares for and conducts Special Operations in support of USSOCOM, USASFC, Theater Special Operations Command (TSOC) Commanders, United States Ambassadors and other agencies as directed, in any operational environment worldwide.

State Mission: On order, A/1-19th SFG(A) as the SAR-TF provides command and control, and liaison elements in the  conduct of search and rescue operations as ordered ISO State operations. Be prepared to conduct flat water rescue, ground mobility rescue, and high angle rescue, while fully leveraging organic communications systems.