The Post-Residential Phase

Post-Residential Cadet Spotlight

Meet Cadet Hannah Elston!

Cadet Hannah Elston came to the Washington Youth Challenge Academy in January 2022 to, in her own words, have the opportunity to earn up to eight credits so she can return to her home high school and graduate with a diploma as well as the opportunity to achieve a personal sense of accomplishment, self-esteem and discipline. While here at the academy, Cadet Elston created two goals, both of which she has accomplished!

Cadet Elston graduated from the academy and her home high school in June 2022 and then enlisted in the Air Force leaving for boot camp in August 2022. She is now an Aerospace Medical Service Specialist. This career pathway fills multiple medical roles like assisting doctors and administering immunizations.

In addition to attending to her Air Force service specialist duties, Cadet Elston is in the top of class 22-1 by maintaining consistent contact with her case manager each month!

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