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Preparedness Month is about preparing now and learning how


Each year, September is National Preparedness Month. The month raises awareness of the importance to be prepared, now and throughout the year, for the types of natural and man-made disasters that could affect where we live, work, go to school, worship and visit.

In Washington state, the likelihood of a hurricane is pretty low, but an earthquake that could have just as devastating effects could happen and without any of the warning that folks facing hurricanes get days ahead of time. Plus, we have our own issues with wildfires, storms and snow, too.

Everyone can take steps to get better prepared and two weeks ready, including:

Make a Family Emergency Communication Plan. Have all members of your household keep a fillable plan card in their wallet, purse or backpack.

Get to know your neighbors; check with each other before and after a disaster and include neighbors in your emergency plan. Better yet, Map Your Neighborhood to make sure you know what everyone’s needs are prior to a disaster.

Sign up for emergency alerts to receive life-saving information from your state and local officials. We have a list of them here. Can’t find your local jurisdiction? Check online to see what they have available.

Start work on your emergency kits – including crafting a “go” kit and starting a kit to make sure you’re at least two weeks ready.

The weekly themes for National Preparedness Month are:

  • Week 1: Sept 1-8               Make and Practice Your Plan
  • Week 2: Sept 9-15                        Learn Life Saving Skills
  • Week 3: Sept 16-22                      Check Your Insurance Coverage
  • Week 4: Sept 23-29                      Save For an Emergency

On Sept. 11, at about 11:30 a.m., we’re teaming up with the Washington Department of Natural Resources to do a Live Q&A on our Facebook Page to field your preparedness questions.

Also, don't forget to register for the Great Washington ShakeOut on Oct. 18 and, if you have a teen, there's a chance for them to win cash for creating a preparedness video.


As you gather supplies, keep in mind each person’s specific needs, including medication. Don’t forget the needs of your pets. While we can’t prevent unexpected emergencies, each of us can increase our preparedness before disaster strikes.

Showing how we prepare can motivate others to do the same – consider taking pictures of how you’ve prepared and sharing them on your social channels with the hashtags #NatlPrep and #PrepareNow.

Follow us and FEMA Region 10 for more preparedness tips this month: &

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