Welcome to the Washington Military Department

As a new employee of the Washington Military Department (WMD), you join a team of dedicated individuals who work to keep the citizens of our state safe and secure. Each employee at our agency plays an important role in contributing to the mission of our organization. We hope that you find your state employment with the WMD productive and rewarding.

If you are a new Federal Employee, you can find resources here.

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New Employee

Additional Tools and Resources

Complete Required New Hire Forms

You will have several forms to complete within specified timeframes to process your insurance benefits, payroll, retirement, etc. Below is where you will obtain additional information on required forms and the timeframe it needs to be completed and submitted.

Due on First Day

Please complete and submit prior to arrival but no later than 9 a.m. on your first day. Send to: NewEmployee@mil.wa.gov

  • I-9 Form (PDF) (wet signature required)
  • Copy of Photo Identification. Please refer to the I-9 form for acceptable documents.
  • Washington Military Department HR New Hire Forms (PDF files - One file contains Employee Questionnaire / Demographic Data Form / Driver’s License Verification form).
  • DD214 (If applicable - Employees must provide this form to receive military service time).
  • Vaccination verification (Do not e-mail. HR will verify at new hire appointment.)


Send to: payroll@mil.wa.gov

  • PERS Retirement Status (PDF)
  • Electronic Funds Transfer of Wages (Word) (wet signature on form and voided check/bank document required)
  • W-4 (PDF) (wet signature required)
  • Schedule form (PDF)
  • PEBB Benefit Eligibility A-1 Worksheet: Payroll will send this form to you. You will need to review, sign and return it. 
  • PERS NEW Member Plan Choice Form: Payroll will send this form to you. You will need to review, sign and return it.


DBIDS Card for Employees working on Camp Murray
  • Pre-Enroll into DBIDS computer system utilizing the instructions linked here (PDF)
    • Your Sponsor is State Human Resource Office (Elyse Anderson) – Phone number (253) 512-7390
    • Under address and contact information utilize your home e-mail and home phone / cell number.
    • On your first day of employment when you come through the gate at Camp Murray go in the lane that indicates visitor. Stop at the visitor’s center and get your DBIDS card. When picking up your DBIDS card you are required to provide documentation that you meet the Real ID Act. The Department of Homeland Security (https://www.dhs.gov/real-id) offers a list of acceptable identification options by state and territory. You will also be required to provide proof of insurance and registration (for those driving on Camp Murray).
    • If you are a CAC or Military Affiliation DOD card holder, you can access Camp Murray with these cards. It is still suggested that you get a DBIDS card this way you have more than one form of identification should you not have your primary ID with you.
    • You can view our Camp Murray access unified policy here (PDF)
    • For additional information, please see the Camp Murray Gate Access information page.
State Identification Card / Proximity Card

    Employees working or regularly accessing Camp Murray:

    • Please complete the WMD State ID Badge form (PDF) and e-mail it to (ng.wa.waarng.list.staff-provost-marshal@army.mil) prior to your first day of employment.
    • On your first day, your supervisor will facilitate in getting your picture taken and ID card printed at Building 33. You will then be required to stop by the Security Office in Building #33 to have your picture taken and the ID card printed. Your supervisor will provide you with directions to the Security Office and open times for you to get your ID card.
    • For a map and directions to Camp Murray as well as gate identification requirements, visit here.

    DBIDS and State Identification Cards for Employees working outside of Camp Murray:

    • You will be provided information by your supervisor / HR Consultant (for WYCA staff) on how to get your DBIDS card (if required to access Camp Murray as part of your position) and State Identification Card.

    Outside Employment Form (PDF)

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    Due within 31 days

    Questions: payroll@mil.wa.gov

      Send to: payroll@mil.wa.gov

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      Due within 90 days

      Send to: payroll@mil.wa.gov

      Other things you can do anytime 

      Combined Fund Drive (optional charitable donation)

      Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) and Dream Ahead College Savings Plans (optional)

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      Telework: Mobile Work Environment Policy

      Telework Participant Agreement (PDF)

      New Employee Orientation

      As a new Washington Military Department employee, you are required to attend a New Employee Orientation (NEO). You should have received a welcome email with the time, date, location/virtual link and a copy of your Appointment Letter. Below are the documents that will be used in NEO.

      How to Request Reasonable Accommodation

      WMD is committed to equal opportunity access to employment, facilities, programs and services. For questions or inquiries, please contact accommodations@mil.wa.gov . Employees may request a Reasonable Accommodation by completing the request form.

      Other Important Information

      Your First Paycheck
      Your first paycheck will be automatically sent to your mailing address. Please be sure to double check the accuracy of the address you provide.


      WMD paydays are the 10th and 25th of each month but are adjusted if they fall on a weekend or a holiday. Any hours worked for the 1st through the 15th of the month are paid on the paycheck on the 25th of that month. Any hours worked on the 16th through the end of the month are paid on the paycheck on the 10th of the following month. To learn more, you can view the state’s payday and holiday calendar.

      Direct Deposit & Earnings Statements

      WMD employees are encouraged to enroll in direct deposit, which transfer your salary straight into your checking or savings account. To view your earnings statements, WMD uses a secure, password-protected, on-line portal called MyPortal. You can also update contact information and demographic data through MyPortal. To access MyPortal, you will need your employee identification number and WMD email address if not logging in through the WMD network. Payroll will provide this information to you at NEO. For Login instructions, see page 15 of your New Employee Orientation Handbook. Our Employee website also has directions for when you are logging into the network or on campus.


      In your appointment letter, you were notified whether your position was overtime eligible or overtime exempt. If your position is overtime eligible you are covered under the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and are required to complete and sign timesheets and submit them to your immediate supervisor for approval each pay period. Overtime exempt employees may be required to complete timesheets based on the position’s funding source. Your supervisor will provide the information you need for this, if required.

      Collective Bargaining Agreement

      WMD has positions that are represented by a union. Your Appointment Letter will inform you if your position is represented. If you have any additional questions related to this, please contact your supervisor or the Human Resource Office.

      You can find links to our collective bargaining agreements on this page.

      Non-Represented Employees

      If you are not a represented employee, the general terms of your employment are governed by civil service rules adopted as Chapter 357 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC). These rules govern employment conditions and processes such as appointment, pay practices and separation. You can view the rules on this page.

      Mandatory Training

      If you are a new employee or transferring from another state agency, it will take up to one week after your start date to gain access to the WA State Learning Center. You are required to complete the following trainings:

      All trainings are available online in the WA State Learning Center (WSLC) -See Page 49 of your New Employee Orientation Guide for logon instructions.

      If you have any questions regarding WSLC, please contact HR Consultant Geri Harding via email geri.harding@mil.wa.gov or Trish.Acoba@mil.wa.gov (WYCA Staff Only)

      Disaster Preparedness

      Being prepared for disasters is everyone’s job. Visit our preparedness website at Preparedness Webpage for ideas and recommendations on how to prepare for disasters.

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      Additional Tools and Information

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        I-9 Form (PDF 727KB), (I-9 Instructions (PDF 585KB)) (wet signature required)
        Copy of Photo Identification. Please refer to the I-9 form for acceptable documents.
        Washington Military Department Employee Questionnaire / Demographic Data Form
        DD214 (If applicable - Employees must provide this form to receive military service time).
        ID Badge (To be taken to Security Office to obtain ID badge)
        Driver’s License Verification Form
        Vaccination verification (Do not e-mail)}}
        new job file art NEO