Preliminary Damage Assessment Forms

To prepare the initial assessment, each public agency should complete a PA-2 worksheet for each category of damage incurred by the disaster and a PA-1 summary sheet.

The PDA forms are in an Excel workbook. You should save a copy of the PDA forms Excel workbook to your computer and then complete the forms on your saved copy. The forms cannot be completed online.

If you need assistance, please contact the Public Assistance Program at
. Counties and State agencies submit forms via e-mail to:, or
fax 253-512-7405.

We also recommend that you keep a paper copy of the forms in case you do not have power or access to a computer when you need the forms.

The PDA Forms include: How to Guide for Completing PDA forms (PDF)

The Instructions for the PDA forms are listed below. These are in a separate Word document.

The Counties need to send the forms to:
Email:, or
Fax:(253) 512-7405

Preliminary Damage Assessment Timeline (PDF)