Agency Policies & Procedures

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Creating, Reviewing, Revising, and Rescinding Department Policies (Policy on Policies)
Memo: Department Policy and Procedure Numbering and Supersession
Public Records Disclosure
Public Records Management
"Scanning & Tossing" of Public Records
Email and Calendar Items
Guidelines for Organizing Electronic Files
Management of the Litigation Discovery Process
Whistleblower Program
Delegated Authorities for Business Processes
Washington Administrative Code Rule-making
DIR-013-19Reports to the Legislature


Dangerous Waste Management Plan
Consolidated Environmental Training
Hazardous Materials Management Program
Army Pamphlet 200-4 Green Cleaning Management Program
Installation Facilities Rental Lease Procedures
Unauthorized Dumping


Travel Policy
Capital Asset Policy
Technology Purchasing Procedure
State Purchase Cards
Handling and Safeguarding of Cash Receipts
Coffee and Light Refreshments and Meals with Meetings
FIN-110-13 Requirements for Pass-Through Entities
FIN-111-02 Procurement, Contracting and Leasing
FIN-112-14 Direct Buy Contracting Requirements
FIN-113-19Time and Effort Reporting
FIN-116-18Employee Recognition Awards
FIN-117-20Travel Card Policy
FIN-118-20Rapid Invoice Payment (RIP) Processing
FIN-119-20 Use of Electronic Signatures
FIN-120-23Federal Grant and Cooperative Agreement Management


Youth Academy Residential Specialist 2, 3, 4 & 5 Physical Ability Testing

Ensuring a Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
Managing Employee Performance Policy
Employee Investigations
Employment of Relatives
Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action
Reasonable Accommodation Policy & Guidelines
Human Resources Development
Disaster Reservist Program
Leave Procedure
Layoff Policy
Layoff Procedures
Inclement Weather Policy
Inclement Weather Matrix
Classification Non Represented Employees with Procedures
Family & Medical Leave Act Policy
Exchange Time
Telework: Mobile Work Environment
Anti-Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Harassment Policy
Salary Determination Non-Represented Employees Policy
Grievance Policy
WMD Volunteer Program
Uniform Services Shared Leave Policy
Exempt Broadbanding
HR-237-05 Certification Procedure for Non-Represented Employees
Voluntary Employee's Benefit Association - Medical Expense Plan
HR-239-05 Probationary and Trial Service Periods
Outside Employment
Supervisory Files
Washington Management Service (WMS)
WMS Inclusion and Evaluation Procedure
Violence in the Workplace
Employee and Pre-Employment Background and Other Screening Checks
Organizational Effectiveness
HR-251-05 Personnel and Payroll Files for Non-Represented Employees Policy
HR-253-02 State Active Duty Injury/Illness-Death Reporting and Claim Process
HR-255-18 Flexible Work Schedule and Shift Changes
HR-258-19WMS Recruitment & Selection
HR-259-19ORCA Card
HR-261-20Managing Animals in the Workplace
HR-262-20Information Technology Professional Series – Evaluation and Inclusion
HR-265-21Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy
HR-266-21Respectful Work Environment Policy
HR-001-14Security Guard 2/3 Physical Ability Testing
HR-001-21Maintaining Correct Addresses for State Active Duty Service Members
HR-002-21Direct Deposit State Active Duty
HR-001-23Youth Academy Residential Specialist 2, 3, 4 & 5 Physical Ability Testing


IT-311-18 Agency Computing and Network Environment
Information Technology Security
Intellectual Property Protection
Web Site Guidelines and Privacy Notice Information
IT-305-05Information Technology Review Board Policy
Use of State Provided IT Hardware and Software Resources
Use of Mobile Telecommunications Devices
IT-313-21Standardized IT Package for State Employees


COMM-902-20Social Media Policy  (see also TAG Social Media Policy dated Feb 2024)
COMM-902-24Plain language writing and design in WMD communications


Accident Prevention Program
Enterprise Risk Management Policy
Motor Vehicle Operator's Policy
Food & Beverage Service Policy
SAF-608-17 Wellness Program
SAF-609-17 Serious Incident Reporting
SAF-610-19Emergency Preparedness Policy & Procedures
04-003-05Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety on Camp Murray Policy
SAF-613-19Prevention of Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens or Other Potentially Infectious Materials
SAF-613a-19Exposure Control Plan
JFHQ-412-20Rules for Use of Force Policy


Unified Policy
Naming of Washington Military Department Real Property
Environmental Policy Statement
Spill Reporting
Privately Owned Vehicle Parking on Washington Military Department Property
Maintenance of Public Records
Washington State Legislature Communication and Reporting
Commute Trip Reduction
Safety Policy
15-01 Washington Military Department Trusted Associate Sponsorship System (TASS) – CAC/AKO Enrollment
15-03 Green Cleaning Policy
18-01 Camp Murray Access Requirements
19-01State Active Duty Pay
22-02State Active Duty Personal Property Reimbursements
23-01State Active Duty Expenditure Authority
23-02Unmanned Aircraft Systems on Washington Military Department Property
23-03Possession of Firearms and Dangerous Weapons on Washington Military Department Property


Health Center Policy


Rescissions: Print Shop Operation (2-6-1), Agency Communications (00-034-06)
Rescissions: WA Management System (03-600-04), Risk Management (00-026-03)
Rescissions: Smoking ( 17-95), Leave w/o Pay (02-00), Reallocation, Non-Represented Employees (03-301-05), State Agency Free Emergency Ride
2010 07 01 Memo Description: Sustainable Practices and Environmental Stewardship
Rescission: Teamwork Incentive Program Award Nomination (HR-203-08)
Rescission: Employee Recognition (HR-224-05)
2014 09 30 Memo Description: Capital Omnibus Minor Works Projects
2015 09 18 Memo Rescinds policy DIR-005b-13
2015 11 06 Memo Rescissions: HAZCOM (01-040-05 and 01-040-05b)
2018 01 09 Memo Rescinds policy 04-002-05
2018 06 14 Memo Rescinds Installation Vehicle Registration
2018 11 20 MemoRescinds Bill Analysis, Fiscal Note Development and Legislative Tracking
2019 06 28 MemoRescinds  003-03, 030-05 policies & 030-05 Procedure
2019 09 17 MemoRescinds 21-00, Information Technology Planning-Cycle Replacement
2020 06 17 MemoRescinds policy, SCAN Plus Cards and SCAN Number Use