Washington State Guard Staff


Commander: COL Bradley Klippert

Deputy Commander: COL Steve Young

Chief of Staff: COL Steve Young

State Guard Command Sergeant Major: CSM Chrisopher Flores


1st INF BDE: LTC Scott Whippo

2nd INF BDE: CSM James Brewer


J1, Administration / Personnel: COL Mike Robinson

J2, Intelligence / Security: 1LT Russell McRee

J3, Operations / Training: 1LT David Trujillo

J4, Logistics: 1SG Patrick Patterson

J5, Civil Affairs: COL Dan Moffett

J6, Communications, & Computers/Cyber: CW4 Micah Goo

J7, Plans: Vacant


Staff Judge Advocate: CPT James Burnett

Inspector General: Vacant

Chaplain: LTC William Toguchi

Comptroller: 1LT David Trujillo

Provost Marshal: SFC Enrico Villacrusis

Surgeon General: CPT Joseph Ostheller

OCS Commandant: MAJ William Copp

Military Historian: MSG Patrick Patterson

Volunteer Support Group Chief: COL(R) Mike Stark

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