Pro-Equity Anti-Racism (PEAR)

At the Washington Military Department, we foster a culture where our employees are accepted, respected, and treated as equal partners.

At every level – from the very top to our line staff – we embrace belonging and diversity as equally important aspects to create a welcoming environment where people want to work. Our commitment to service and our desire to put others before ourselves transcends race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender and orientation.

It has to – because we have an important mission.

    Hear more from our leader, the Adjutant General, Maj. Gen. Bret Daugherty, on our commitment to be an anti-racist pro-equity organization:

    We’re committed to language access. This video is translated in the following languages: 



    Tiếng Việt/Vietnamese



    In 2022, Gov. Jay Inslee signed Executive Order 22-04, Implementing the Washington State Pro-Equity Anti-Racism (PEAR) Plan & Playbook. This executive order calls on all executive branch state agencies, boards and commissions to partner with the Office of Equity in a commitment to be an anti-racist government system.

    The Washington Military Department is steadfast in our commitment to uphold this executive order in every policy, practice and program we implement.

    Check back here for more updates on work from our organization and PEAR Team.