OSCCR Authorizations Now Available

On-Scene Command and Coordination Radio (OSCCR) authorization letters are now available from the EMD Telecommunication Section for the use of the frequency 156.135 MHz.

EMD will issue a login and password to a secure website upon receipt of a signed OSCCR Agreement (see below). Either mail, fax, or email a scanned copy of the signed agreement, with the name of the local EM OSCCR delegated designee, including their email address to Robert Purdom at either of the addresses below. An EMD signed OSCCR agreement will then be returned to the respective EM Director/Designee via email.

Local Emergency Managers, or their written designee, must submit OSCCR Authorization requests for each of their local agencies, i.e. Fire Departments, Police Departments, EMS, or other agency. The process is expedited via a secure website where local OSCCR authorizations can be viewed, added, edited or deleted by the Local Emergency Manager/Designee. Instructions for use of the website will be sent with the EMD signed OSCCR agreement.

After approval of an OSCCR request, a copy of the signed OSCCR Agreement, an OSCCR Frequency Authorization Letter, and a copy of the FCC license will be sent by email to only the Agency. Local agencies must have these documents available if requested by the FCC.

Local EM Directors will get a copy of the signed OSCCR Agreement by email. Be sure to complete a request for your local EM office if you have VHF radios. Make sure you provide the agency email address. It is not necessary to fill out the USE Application Form on page 11, because it has been transferred to the on-line website. EM Directors, or their written designee, will be able to view the status of all requests and approvals online at any time.

The OSCCR plan has not materially changed. The terms and conditions remain the same for the use of the frequency. Additional information on other available interoperability channels has been provided in this version. This plan was updated by both EMD and WSDOT with assistance from the SIEC State Advisory Group and it's sub-committee the Frequency Operational Planning Interoperability Committee (FOPIC).

OSCCR Plan Forms

Please provide requests for changes or comments to Robert Purdom, EMD FCC License Coordinator, at:
253.512.7036 or by email at Robert.Purdom@mil.wa.gov.

Mailing Address:
Washington Military Department
Emergency Management Division
Building 20, MS TA-20
Camp Murray, WA 98430-5112