Logistics Communications Unit

The mission of the Logistics Communications Unit
(LCU) is to provide uninterrupted communication channels between AHJs, critical infrastructure and response partners supporting disaster-related operations with Washington State Emergency Management. The LCU coordinates and operates key elements of the statewide alternate, contingency and emergency communications infrastructure.

The LCU operates a network of twelve DHS CISA SHARES Radio Messaging Service (RMS) stations 24 hours a day using Winlink®, a radio-based email service established for emergency communications purposes. These stations are available to tribal, county and large city emergency management agencies, certain NGOs and designated critical infrastructure partners licensed with DHS CISA SHARES. WA EMD’s SHARES RMS stations serve all of Washington State as well as our partners across FEMA Region X, the western United States, Alaska and Hawaii.

The goals of the LCU are to provide:

  • Tactical voice communications, for coordination of personnel and resource movement(s) as needed.
  • Voice message traffic when passing message traffic via digital means is not available.
  • Data communications through Winlink® in the form of email and document attachments. Examples include but are not limited to: situation reports (SITREPs), staffing schedules, requests for resources (ICS-213RR), general message traffic (ICS-231 General Message), ICS forms/ documents and ISNAP reports. Templates of these forms can be found in the Winlink program.
  • Redundant communications, giving WA EMD and AHJs both alternate and additional forms of communication when systems are overtaxed or impaired.

Please view our plan here (in PDF Format).

Download our Standard Operating Procedures (PDF)