Emergency Management Radio Systems Operations SECURE - HF

The Operations SECURE (State Emergency Communications Using Radio Effectively) high frequency (HF) net (also known as CEMNET II) is a secondary emergency back-up communications capability for intra- and inter-state use.

Operating on eight discrete frequencies, point-to-point long-range communications between the state EOC and fixed or mobile HF stations can be established as needed. Currently, in addition to the state EOC, fixed HF stations are located in each Washington State Patrol (WSP) district communications center.

The HF frequencies assigned are:

  • 2.326 MHz (Upper Sideband (USB))
  • 2.411 MHz (USB)
  • 2.414 MHz (USB)
  • 2.587 MHz (USB)
  • 2.801 MHz (USB)
  • 5.192 MHz (USB)
  • 7.805 MHz (USB)
  • 7.935 MHz (USB)